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Someone archived every match of the infamous Brawl For All, WWF's poorly thought-out MMA tournament, on Youtube for the whole world to see. These fights were not fixed or scripted (because that would have been the smart thing to do), and most of these dudes, being professional wrestlers by trade, had little to no martial arts training, as Jim Ross is ever so eager to remind the audience. I say "most" because for some ungodly reason, they decided to let MMA legend Dan Severn enter this thing, as well as a mystery final boss that I won't spoil here because honestly, it's probably the only guy most folks on this site have ever heard of.

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This was so bad Jim Ross called it the poorest thing WWE did ever.


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Yeah, it was discussed in detail on the "Biggest Blunders" episode of Countdown that aired on the WWE Network a week or so ago. Well worth watching if you have access to that or can track it down elsewhere.

That whole idea seemed like a real shitshow from start to finish haha.