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So, Interview Dumptruck is a thing now. I'm digging it - I love hearing from the developers themselves.

However, it's lacking podcast art. As a member of the internet community, that basically makes me half OCD, so seeing a blank where pretty art could be is rough. I can't draw for shit, but I know the GB community has its share of artsy-fartsy types.

@patrickklepek should curate or run a contest or something, preferably sooner than later.

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I too noticed this problem, so I made a dumb thing in like 5 minutes for personal use. (I didn't make any of the art in this, of course.)

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@noobcubed: If I were to legally acquire some of this here art, how would I go about making it podcast art? Hopefully I don't come off as a Know-Nothing Norman, but I can't figure out how to edit podcast feeds or anything. The closest I've ever gotten to "feed manipulation" is changing the genre of an album to "podcast", and then it showed up in my Zune feed. Changing actual feeds seems to be off-limits.

@patrickklepek The first mention didn't take, so I'll tag you again. Thoughts?

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@ch3burashka: The podcast app I use (BeyondPod) allows for custom feed art, so that's what I did. Unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to change feed art in Zune, outside of making a new podcast feed with art attached to it, and I don't know how to do such a thing.

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It could also use a rename. Something about "Interview Dumptruck" just seems to say "trying too hard" to me.

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If you like direct and more honest interactions with developers i suggest you check out Sup Holmes? also. Production values are kind of shit though so occasionally you can get some bad audio quality.

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Is it up on iTunes yet?