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Honestly, I don't know how Patrick goes about setting up interviews - so far, most of them have been taken off the GDC floor, an environment that's suited for quick interview bytes(?) but not how he'll be doing it on a weekly basis, obviously. I don't how a request thread would pan out - it would at least give him a feel for what the community wants, though actually getting interviews might prove difficult (especially if there are CEO or lead design requests). However, the idea of a compiled list holds merit, I believe. So far, there's been a lot of indie interviews (again, due to the whole GDC thing) and frankly, that's what I want to hear the most.

I, for one, want to hear from Giant Sparrow, Ian Dallas or one of his co-workers. I heard of the Unfinished Swan years ago on Kotaku, and am glad to see it pan out so well.

Who do you want to hear?