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Use to seeing it by now, is it coming out this week?

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@frosty_buds said:

Use to seeing it by now, is it coming out this week?

It's monday so it won't be coming out today! Wait for tomorrow duder.

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Ahh man, you're right...brain fart there!

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Actually, you're used to seeing it tuesday, not monday. Unless you're always listening to last week's podcast thinking it was this week's.

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@frosty_buds said:

Use to seeing it by now, is it coming out this week?

Yup. They come out on Tuesday, even though they are recorded on Mondays. Ryan usually takes a day to edit everything, at least that's what he used to do at one point.

Generally, the only time they do podcasts other than Tuesdays is when it's something special like E3, PAX, or a Spoilercast.

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He is probably somewhere where it is actually Tuesday and got confused/hopeful.

I'm guilty of that occasionally myself.

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Nothing stops the bombcast!

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Every week for the past 4 years there has been a bombcast. A little crazy when stated like that.

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Don't worry, I made the same brain fart a month ago on the Watiting board.

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pretty sure they didn't miss a tuesday in 5 years

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It's okay. Every week, there's usually a thread on Monday nights asking for it. It sucks, though, because for a few seconds I'll be like, "Oh shit, yeah, the Bombcast!", then I realize it's Monday even though I already knew it was Monday all day.