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I mean, can't Drew handle the audio and camera by himself ?

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That about sums it up. You answered your own question: no, one man cannot run audio and multiple cameras alone. It's the same reason Vinny was almost never on the Friday shows back in Whiskey Media.

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From everything the dudes have said, and from the videos I've seen of the producers behind the scenes, it would be very hard to run a show with one producers. Plus, the dudes have a ton of video to cut and edit and only a short time to do it. So Drew and Vinny don't really have time to do podcasts.

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I feel like it's selling Drew short to suggest he couldn't handle monitoring audio levels and switching between various video feeds by himself. While not trying to say that is necessarily an easy task, I think he's fairly capable.

It's possible that Vinny just sat them out because in the GB staff only segments, there were still five people between Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Patrick and Alex and that's probably enough. Since he's a video producer, let the actual editors talk about stuff they saw, people they talked to etc.

EDIT: Didn't even think about him cutting videos etc, he was probably pretty busy.

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It's not as much about running the show as it is putting together those wrap up videos. They're at the show all day, and then they have to put out a video the next day. I remember them saying in years past that they have to stay up super late and barely get any sleep to get those out.

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He actually has to work.

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He hates Giant Bomb.

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Threads like this are always the same. Someone ask's a question that no one who replies can answer with any certainty, people continue to bicker back and forth for a while until the thread dies. Though every once in a while the staff will catch wind of it and answer the question on the podcast.

The truth is we don't know. We have a pretty good idea as to why but we still don't know.

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I assume Vinny and Drew were also busy editing all the video they shot during E3. I do miss Vinny during the E3 casts. It was nice to hear from him on the last bombcast, though. He was far better at articulating what he saw at the show than any of the other duders were. The post E3 bombcast usually has the most useful E3 information, anyway.

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they all actually hate him with a passion and you've figured it out, YAY YOU

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We don't know and we may never know.

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Vinny isn't real.

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You should watch the video Drew did of the press conference day, that explains the workload of the video guys at E3.

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He was shooting porn on the other sets.

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@theht said:

He was shooting porn on the other sets.

This is the only acceptable answer.

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I thought he was chasing the thieves?

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The guys they put in front of the camera are there for a reason. The guys who aren't there, aren't there for a reason. Why can't we all just accept that and enjoy the content?

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he's the video guy..

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Somebody had to prepare everyone for the impending lockdown.

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@afabs515 said:

Somebody had to prepare everyone for the impending lockdown.

I've been moderately obsessed with that song ever since E3. At first it was ironic. Now it's just a full blown case of the stuck-in-the-head.

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@kvk1 said:

@afabs515 said:

Somebody had to prepare everyone for the impending lockdown.

I've been moderately obsessed with that song ever since E3. At first it was ironic. Now it's just a full blown case of the stuck-in-the-head.

Haha. Welcome to my world. Sometimes, I find myself humming that song to myself. At first, I was ashamed, but now, I think it's ok.

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One guy runs things fine on Unprofessional Fridays.... So I don't know guys...

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He was too busy fencing their "stolen" camera equipment.

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You do know he's one half of Daft Punk, don't you? Or is he both... I forget.

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video man

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Vinny is omnipresent. You may not have noticed, but he was there, in every shot, in every conversation. He never shut up. Just talktalktalktalktalktalktalk all E3 long. He's even in your room right now, cutting cables.

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Vinny is Brad, Brad is Jeff... Giantbomb is only Jeff and Ryan. Ryan is also a ghost.