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Like lets say I wanted to find ones with certain topics in them, or find a specific one where something was discussed. Is there something setup to do this? I am assuming not, but figured I would ask, because you never know. Thanks duders!

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There isn't anything technically set up that allows for that. Try getting on the podcast's RSS feed, found here http://www.giantbomb.com/feeds/podcast/ , and just ctrl-f keywords or titles that may have been mentioned in the logline, based on topic of interest.

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Anyone have any idea which ones are the ones over the last year where they discussed steam trading cards and all that jazz?

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What I usually do when I don't find what I'm looking for with a specific search is look up the release date or date of the news item in question. It's usually a topic in the podcast from that week. Since Trading Cards were added on May 15th try the 5-14 or 5-21 podcasts. I'd guess it's the 5-21 podcast since Jeff isn't on the 5-14 podcast and I remember him talking about them being in CS:GO.

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Ya, they don't put minor things like that in the descriptions.

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@mosespippy: Thanks. That gives me a great starting point. That was one I was looking for. The other was later in the year. It was after some Dota II talk. But now I know where to start and I can move froward from there. Thanks again!