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From his twitter:
  Updated podcast schedule: I'm on the Bombcast this week, Geekbox next. I can't help that these clods all record at the same time each week! 
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Who's Jeff Green?
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There's already a thread on this.

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my bad...well that one is

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The fat dude from Larry David?
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I was actually wondering what he do, as I realized they recorded at the same time when I was warming up pizza this morning.

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@ZmillA said:
" isn't it more relevant and noticeable in this thread? "
It is compared to the one that's not locked because it's in the right thread, but the Bombcast forums are not all that active and the same thread as the one you posted, even if locked, is only a few threads under this one.
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Please re-direct your comments and opinions to this thread.