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Listening to the bombcast, I just got into the Kickstarter discussion and the guys talk about how they want to own a pizza place. WE CAN MAKE THIS DREAM A REALITY!

Who's with me?

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I'm with you.

(in spirit)

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Only if you serve pizza in sphearical form

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Worst joke thread ever.

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Let's not.

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Yeah! (No)

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Ask Tim Schafer, I know he's got a lot of money.

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They start a pizza restaurant only to get bought out by Papa Johns 4 years later.

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ProTip: You're not clever or funny.

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@ztiworoh said:

Who's with me?


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I really like pizza. Guys, I really, really like pizza. Hot, gooey cheese over a greasy, soft crust with rich tomato sauce, dunking it in cool, tasty ranch dressing.


I have to go.

I should go.

I should be going.

I should go.

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I'd donate up to $100 if it meant I got an exclusive poster.

I may have a Kickstarter addiction.

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Only if I can get the pizza in a box with a cloth map and novel-sized manual, and my name printed on the the underside with thousands of others.
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Sure! I'll donate...

$775 million dollars.

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how much to invent pizza robots?

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@NekuSakuraba said:

Sure! I'll donate...

$775 million dollars.

Once again, the Leigh Alexander joke has solved a thread, and by proxy the world's, problems. =)