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On the 7-17-12 bombcast, Vinny jokes about getting every obtainable license in America. So, I feel like every week there's a new idea for some subscriber content. But I feel like this one could really be a thing. I'm willing to pay up to 70USD per year to watch Vinny get licensed in a new thing every week to two weeks.

I don't even have to ask this, but I will. Is this a good idea for new content?

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More Vinny in any form of content is a good idea.

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I've no reason to be a subscribed member...until now because

@Yummylee said:

More Vinny in any form of content is a good idea.

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That sounds, uh, pretty... dumb?

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Yeah, this is a bad idea. And not in the way that things can be good and bad. It's just bad.

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I'll take Vinny any way I can get him. But that sounds like the one thing that would break his seemingly indelible spirit. Use Vinny sparingly.

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I'm always interested in hearing/seeing more about Vinny's odd obsessions, but I think a weekly thing would be way too much to ask. Maybe once every month or two, though, would be awesome.

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Just take my money.

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I have been doing that very thing for years. I'm currently working on concealed weapon and notary public. Most recently I acquired a license to purchase and posses grain alcohol (which is usually illegal in this state).

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That seems like it would be really interesting but also super time intensive. It would probably have to be very rare to not affect the other content.

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More Vinny in general is great.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

That sounds, uh, pretty... dumb?

I agree.

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@Toxin066 said:

I don't even have to ask this, but I will. Is this a good idea for new content?

Yes, you do. And, No - it isn't.

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From Vinny with Love is still the best one in the series.

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Sounds awesome. Medicinal cannabis card haha

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I want a feature where Vinny and his son go out on adventures.

The Adventures of Vinny and Rex.

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I'm not sure what the cost of getting a helicopter flight license in the states is. But if it's anything like in Canada we better start sending in the pennies now. Or he could join the military and get the different flight licenses that way.

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Most of what they were talking about is a lot of reading and knowing things so that you can take a test to get licensed in it. Watching him read would be slightly less exciting than I think people would enjoy watching. However, I have 2 (very dumb) ideas that I would probably pay a bunch of money for:

Getting it With Professor Vinny, a lecture series involving Vinny and a green screen where he goes over the steps necessary and information required to get a basic understanding of what it would take to get licensed in a thing. This would involve terrible early 90's style pastel slideshows and the like, naturally. Not weekly or anything, just after he gets certified in some esoteric thing.

The Comprehensive Guide to the End of the World. A Survivor Man style series where Vinny must use his bug out bag to survive in the wilderness after the "Event" renders modern society dead. Probably more Man vs Wild, with clever editing and things to make it more exciting. But deceptively educational, as he shows the proper use of all of his equipment.

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What is with people and their obsession with Vinny? Seriously.

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That sounds super dinosaurs man, vinny usually does some awesome stuff, i wanna see something about a ham radio when he gets his license.

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I would watch an hour or two of Vinny trying to talk to strangers via a ham radio.

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So basically a bunch of video of Vinny reading books then entering testing facilities while the camera is asked to wait outside.

Yeah, sounds great.