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Well I am really getting into listening to podcasts but the thing is Its a pain to download the same podcast on my pc and my android phone..

I'm using Itunes for my windows pc mainly because I'm not sure what else would be better to use..

And Im using Beyond pod for my android phone..

Anyone podcasts listening pros have any software sugestions or tips on how to keep my podcasts sycned between my PC and android phone??

Thanks a ton for anyone that can help me out here.

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Honestly I dont think there is an app like that, well at least not free. The only thing I know that has the same software on both PC and Android is WinAMP.

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Yeah it's tricky. I use Beyond Pod too. I just download it on there and on itunes on my PC. If i want to keep listening I just check the timestamp and go from there

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I found something that I think works. I have not tested it completely but so far It has the windows program and android program and ability to sync between the two. Ive used it to sync to my phone and it put the podcasts on it.

Its the program called Mediamonkey its a media manager / player for music and podcasts. Podcasts are not really its main feature the music stuff is but the podcast subscription and player part of it seems to work fine and can automatically download episodes and sync with its app your phone so you can play your podcats and music on your phone also.. So far i'm really liking it and a bonus is the music features of it which are pretty good and powerful.

The Pc software has a free version or paid version the free version just doesn't have all the bells and whistles. The android app is completely free because the app is a beta.

The program seems really powerful for music with a bunch of options for your music library like auto tagging and getting info for missing track info and orgazing your music and burning cds and getting abulm art and editting the track data and all kinds of crazy stuff.

The podcasts part is pretty simple it doesn't have a really nice podcast search like itunes but it has a search to search for new podcasts subscriptions from a huge list of podcasts. Then you can subscribe to whatever ones you want and set custom rules for how many new episodes it downloads how long it keeps them and all that good stuff.

The awesome part is being able to sync your music and podcasts to your android phone and you can select only certain things to sync or you can set up automatic syncs and choose what syncs automatically and how many new episodes it syncs etc.

It has built in music and podcasts players also and has a equalizer. So far the software seems really great, while the podcasts part of it doesn't have as many features as a dedicated podcast program it has enough and works really well.

The android app works really good also and is pretty nice and clean looking and easy to use.

So far I'm really happy that I found it.