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So I am looking for a website or app that I can use on my PC and listen to all the old Podcasts. I started listening the week Ryan passed away and would love to listen to all the old episodes but I would just like to hit play and it go in order. Right now I am using their archive on the site but does anyone have any playing suggestions?

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So I use an app called MusicBee. Import the podcast's RSS feed. Press play on the first one and it'll stream them in order till the newest one has finished. One problem is that if it loses connection it'll just skip to the next one without finishing the one that's playing. Or you could hit download on it all.

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Best I can suggest is just hit the RSS feed link and start playing them from there, or download locally. Could also go the route of grabbing itunes, subscribing to the bombcast, and use its built in player for episodes in order. But I'd much more suggest going the download from rss feed route for archiving sake. Was rough for those whom didn't for when "The Hotspot" was around.

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iTunes is the quick and simple way, especially if you're intending to listen on an iThing - but any RSS reader (including major browsers) can provide you with download links.