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Hey guys, and I guess this is kinda directed especially at Jeff!

Would there be any chance of a mini-podcast in the style of/covering the topics of 'Points!' in the future?

#2 Posted by RebelLoyalist (211 posts) -

Do you mean 'Points' for the site ?

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Maybe in the future he'll post "Trophies!".

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I'm not going to hurt anyone if he doesn't do them for a while, but I did always enjoy them when he made them. I don't think we can clamor for one until the craziness of launching the fizzles out.

#5 Posted by President_Evil (184 posts) -

Yeah, points! was pretty cool; kind of a "fireside chat" of gaming news and achievement. 

If Jeff were to do more he should discuss his GB points as well.

#6 Posted by lux (129 posts) -

I hope so, i enjoyed Points!
Then again, i enjoy anything these guys put out.

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i remember points, when jeff launched his personal blog, he put up points, which is a renamed points report. he talked about his new points. he has a pretty hefty gamerscore, working at gamespot and all.