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Hey, I was checking the archived versions of the bombcast on justin, but the 1st video ends on they talking about ACIII and the second starts way past that. What happened to that middle section?

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@Winternet: The stream went down due to some technical issue. We were all up in arms when it happened. I'm sure the audio version that'll get uploaded eventually will have the gap filled in, though.

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@EquitasInvictus: oh man, that sucks. I hope that audio version goes well and soon.

Oh and for how long did the stream was down? How much time did of them talking did we miss?

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wait, was there a Day Zero E3 bombcast or is this something old and dumb?

If there was, lied through his keys in the chat. He said there wouldn't be one. >:(

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@Winternet: It was a good 10-20 minutes if I remember correctly. I'm pretty sure not much was missed. They probably realized it, finished the conversation for audio bombcast continuity's sake and then had a break to switch out in the time since the cutoff.

@Oldirtybearon: I believe that is what we're discussing. It's archived on http://www.twitch.tv/giantbomb/b/320419203 so you may have been trolled.

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@EquitasInvictus: I appreciate the link a great deal. Thank you.

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@EquitasInvictus: But, at least AC3, Shootmania and Watch Dogs discussion + early Sony talk.

Also, does the Star Wars game look that good? Better than Watch Dogs?

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@Oldirtybearon: You're welcome! I'm surprised a lot of people have been missing out on the Justin TV/twitch archives. If you dig deep enough into there are actually some rare streams on it that aren't even archived on the Giant Bomb website at all for one reason or another.

When in doubt about a stream, just google "justin tv giant bomb" or "twitch tv giant bomb" and you can pretty much dig up the history of Giant Bomb's live streams, as well as the ones you may have just missed and are in the window of time before they get that stuff uploaded into the site.