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So, my 16 month old son is a handful (as little boys will be). But I noticed he always liked to dance whenever the Giant Bombcast theme music kicked on when I would play it on my phone. Even though he would dance to some other musics, he really latched onto the Bombcast and would start dancing everytime he heard it. So I made a 5-6 minute loop of it that we play while we try to feed him in his high chair so instead of throwing food or feeding the dogs, he sort of bounces and dances in his seat. Totally works to make feeding him easier (that and Jeopardy, I have a future genius on my hands). So we recorded a little bit of his goofiness I and I wanted to share with all the fellow Giant bombers out there. Notice how whenever it loops back up again, even if he stopped dancing, he starts again. Enjoy!

P.S. As a fellow gaming parent with small child, my wife and I love hearing stories from Vinnie about his kid (they're roughly the same age). I can relate and laugh. I WANT MOAR STORIES!!!!

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Am I... on a list now for watching that vid?

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@fourwude said:

Am I... on a list now for watching that vid?



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@fourwude said:

Am I... on a list now for watching that vid?

It's called "this thread".

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Just commenting to make sure @rorie gets to check out that pup!

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That's awesome, duder. And damn adorable. Thanks for sharing!

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@fourwude: I guess if you have to make it creepy.

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Creepy replies all around. Congrats, fellas.

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Your kid is adorable. And I agree, Vinny dad stories are always the best even though I don't have a kid.

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I've seen better dance moves but not bad

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lol. Classic baby-dance. My five year old goes bananas when he hears Gangnam Style.

I also love Vinny the Dad stories but as my son is a fair bit older I'm more in a "I remember that. Can't wait to hear about when this happens". I clearly remember listening to a Bombcast where he seems deep into the Pixar's Cars zone. You can tell someone has a son when they reference Pixar's Cars with zero irony or condescension. I can't wait to hear when Max Rex hits Star Wars. That's where mine is right now, Star Wars. Balls deep into Star Wars.

@bobface have you heard the dadcast? Actually I think there's two but I'm not sure where to find them.

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Awesomely cute.

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Awesome! Now make the dog dance. :D

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I give him a 6/10 for feet movement ;)

10/10 for the hands however. He has got those on lock.

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this is the best

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This kid is going places.

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Haha, adorable =)

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I feel like nothing about the Bombcast is appropriate for anyone who is not a consenting adult.

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Thanks a bunch for the Dadcast links, excited to have that to watch at work. I've been thinking about doing a podcast on that exact topic for a while now so people in our situation can be entertained and informed that they're not alone in dealing with it. They better be as good as you say or I'm coming for you. . . .

And forgive me for not knowing, but is Matt Rorie really into dogs or something? If so, enjoy this too, something else to make you feel like you're on a list now because you saw it (it's yogurt):

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Oh my thank you for these Dadcasts. Now that I've been able to listen/watch some of this, pure gold!

Me and the wife enjoy these on our lazy nights after kid's in bed. Thank you.

@bobface: If you're into Vinny's Dad stories you should check out Tested's "A Bunch Of Dads" podcast featuring Vinny, Dave and Will Smith(in video form also):




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