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This is my latest homage to the Bombcast. I got the idea from the Sistine Chapel and threw my own spin on it. During E3 I wanted to draw another picture of the guys and this is what came out. Hope you all like it.

Also I did this in Elements. And I don't know if it's my tablet or not, but things get weird at different resolutions. Illustrator is too expensive. =(

Some things:

1. The poses are based off of the Sistine Chapel paintings. The whole idea comes from the main one of Man and God.

2. Ryan is pushing back Patrick because my personal title for this is "Man's Greed, Prometheus' Ignorance."

3. Cool Baby is drinking OE.

4. Patrick is not supposed to be a lady, he is posed that way because he is kind of jumping, but in a majestic way? And for those assuming Ryan is coping a feel... see 2.

EDIT: The great thing about digital art is that I can make changes after I read feedback and cut my wrists and then stare at it for 40 hrs.

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Love it. Awesome job duder this is my new wallpaper.

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A+ dude, nice job.

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I like your style, dude.

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Who's the titty less chick in the back?

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I like it! That flowing hair...

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@coakroach said:

I like your style, dude.

@Brendan said:

A+ dude, nice job.

That's dudER. Also, great job!

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Love your style, especially the hair haha!

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aaaand now it's my Desktop Wallpaper.

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Ryan looks so adorable! Well done!

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I like it! At first glance I thought Patrick was a woman.

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Fuck that's nice.

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Looks like Ryans got a boner, cant unsee!

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Nice work there.

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This is great! Do more man!

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@vorpalparasite: The reason for the effeminate pose from Patrick is that he is supposed to be kind of floating. Taken off his feet by the majesty of the bomb. Like I said in my original post the idea was inspired by the Sistine Chapel paintings. Originally I was going to make them all floaty, but I went another way. I'm sorry if it appears too much so. He is always one of my favorites to draw because of that glorious hair.

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That's awesome! 

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That's really impressive! Well done

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Two thumbs up

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That looks great. Nice style.

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Love it, 3 thumbs up.

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For some reason the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was the Ozma fight in FFIX.

#25 Posted by ch3burashka (5310 posts) -

I'm not sure where the 'years in the making' comes in...

#26 Posted by Valames (726 posts) -

@DudeOlav: Haha that's funny. Well FFIX is my favorite of the series, so maybe it was buried deep in my subconscious.

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@Valames: Just bumped this up to the front page in the community section. Awesome job.

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I love Jeff's pompadour there.

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That's awesome! I think I saw a rough sketch of this on twitter. Looks way different now.

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Patrick's looking fiiine.

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@CH3BURASHKA: ...it's a pun dude.Sistine years in the making, like sixteen but instead it's the chapel.

#32 Posted by redbliss (648 posts) -

Patrick kind of looks like a woman

#33 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1273 posts) -

Great work dude!

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This is great, but Patrick kinda looks like a girl...

So this is great :D

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@redbliss said:

Patrick kind of looks like a woman

In the painting too.

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I approve of female Patrick Klepek.

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Very cool :)

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@D0tti said:

Who's the titty less chick in the back?

I think that's supposed to be Patrick. . . . .

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I'm having unsettling thoughts about fem-pat.

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

Looks like Ryans got a boner, cant unsee!

Well he is copping a feel on lady Patrick. So it's entirely understandable.

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"And he proclaimed,I am Luchadeer,ruler of worlds,look upon my works ye mighty,and despair."

Gold star!

#42 Posted by StarvingGamer (8602 posts) -
Who's the titty less chick in the back?
#43 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

@Valames: Patrick re tweeted it, I can see why.

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The holy trinity! The Bomb, The Deer, and The Cool Baby!

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I'm going to assume that patrick ate his fiancee, and that's why he looks like a lady...yeah

#46 Posted by Rmack (1078 posts) -

I can't even say anything funny about this. It's just fantastic.

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Ha! Good job. I like how Shaq is still just a piece of paper.

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I'm going to send you a cheque with my name and signature on it, you put in whatever number you want...

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Thats awesome! love the style

#50 Posted by Valames (726 posts) -

In the new I love Mondays Patrick is doing a very similar pose to the one in the picture, haha.