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Why doesn't this thread exist?
I am pretty excited already and a lot of questions are forming in my head.

What amazing downloadable content will the Nintendo platforms offer this week?
Are there guests to enjoy those pearls of downloatainment with?
WIll we see The Ricker again? 
Oh what to do till they will be answered?

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Can't wait!

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I'm hoping for a new guest this week. The Ricker was amazing, but he's got a lot of important open wheel racing to do. If he's able to make it to the NDX every week, I think that spells ill for his racing future. 
No, I'm hoping for a different special guest. A fella who needs to be shown just how great Nintendownloads are, and I think you all know who I'm talking about.

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Yes! I can't wait.

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Ho shit.

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Can't stop the train!!

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I wonder if Ryan would lock this thread in a fit of rage.
all aboard, choo choo

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I feel like there should have been a misspelling in the title of this thread...

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You spelled "Watitng" wrong >:(

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The X-Press, unlike some other podcasts, is always on schedule.

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@AlwaysBeClothing said:
" I wonder if Ryan would lock this thread in a fit of rage.  "
Maybe somebody should move it to the Nigel Mansell forum.
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@AlwaysBeClothing said:
" I wonder if Ryan would lock this thread in a fit of rage.  NOTHING STOPS GAMEROOM QL/ NDXXX / MR DOMINO  all aboard, choo choo "
I already messaged Ryan, he said he'll be here real soon.
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The last episode was amazing.
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I can't wait until Reggie comes on the show.

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I'm getting in on this thread early so my grandkids will know, that I WAS HERE!

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I got my one way ticket to something something something.

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NDX is my life.

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Getting in on the ground floor of this one.

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    All aboard, sit on the roof if you have to!  
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I hope the NDX will open up to some discussions about the highly attractive sport of Open Wheel Racing so we can get some more of The Ricker on the show because he knows his two facts about Open Wheel Racing and he is also highly invested in the wiiware and dsiware market.  
I believe that doing this, the NDX would get a broader audience and higher on the ratings. This will of course lead to some big company signing a lucrative deal with Jeff and the train will keep on rolling.

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The ticket-lady didn't check my ticket last time so I get a free ride on train. 
I also have a student railcard which means my original ticket was cheaper. 
Yes, I am excited.

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I don't need a seat. I'll stand for the whole ride. I'm just happy to be on the train!

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But this is on the "Bombcast" board.

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Im pumped 

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NDX needs its own board.

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Fucking PUMPED

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Wonder who the guest will be this week?

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You can't stop the train!

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Time to ride the rails with some Nintendowloads!! WOOO WOOOO! The Nintendownload express if pulling into the station, grab your tickets, this is gonna be one wild trip! 

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@mnzy: I was totally going to make this thread later today, but you beat me to it!
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You misspelled waititng.

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In preparation for the NDX I blast the Nintendo Shop Channel music at full volume until the podcast goes up.  NDX 4 Life!

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Nintendo downloads for me are like a religion, and NDX is the shit!
 ...I was listening to some old Gamespot clips on youtube. Chime in with your favourites if you're as sad as I am!

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@Headcrab86 said:

" In preparation for the NDX I blast the Nintendo Shop Channel music at full volume until the podcast goes up.  NDX 4 Life! "

Great idea!
Long version:
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I choo choo choose you!

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This train ain't got no breaks!!!

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I need my fix of NDX!

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Where can I buy my ticket?  I NEED TO GET ON THIS TRAIN!!!

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Dang, can't wait for the next classic from Noooooooooo

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The schedule seems a little off. Whens the train going to stop by the nearest internet tonight?

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Can't wait to get my Nintendo downloadable news!

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I don't even own a Nintendo product. This is great!!

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Is this where the cool kids hang out and play pogs?

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It should be comiNG SOON I CANT WAIT!

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@GlenTennis said:
" It should be comiNG SOON I CANT WAIT! "
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I'm glad this was anchored as it is totally worth it.