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@august: Ah, I didn't realize that the MegaDownload was all of them (the way the post is worded confused my poor brain)...

<Begin Emily Litella>


<End Emily Litella>

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I hate to say it, but I had to pull the 2/14/11 NDX off of YouTube. It's got a sample of Papa Was A Rolling Stone in it?

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@rachelepithet: They have new guys now - is the watitng over?

Also who the hell thought it was okay to un-sticky this thread?

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Jeff said they no longer release those phony p.r. statements about new releases, and maybe not on a single cumulative list, but for instance, looking at the Wii U e shop, My Jurassic Farm clearly has the same "copy" that the other farm games did, laying eggs that can be sold bonus wind turbines etc. It's on the summary on the game page.