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More guests please! 

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So, it's about that time. I've got my ticket.

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Well this was unexpected.

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5 minutes in and already, I have to say that "The Corn Nuts Chips' Nutty Chip Clip Tip" is perhaps the greatest phrase ever uttered by a human being.

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MAN WHAT. This is so surprising.

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WHAT? What madness is this? RYAN DAVIS, you've betrayed yourself.

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Only 2 E-Mails? I should write in. 
Also: That was Australian, Ryan. 

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"Ryan: I can do a break."
Ryan is the worst break-taker ever.

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But Ryan isn't the conductor... 
RYAN ISN'T THE CONDUCTOR! Oh god, what's happening? If Jeff is away, and Ryan is doing the NDX... then who is Brad!? Make the confusion stop! Aghhhh!!!

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Giantbomb.com's Ryan Davis?!?! Is this part of the settlement deal for the time the Express accidentally played the entire Bombcast??!

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I don't know that I can deal with this. My world is coming apart.

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Did the train just crash? What the shit just happened? I'm confuse.

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This train is under siege....2.

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@Lucien_Lachance:  God, listening to him say that never fails to make me laugh =P
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So the train has changed station?

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how dare ryan skip the   The Corn Nuts Chips' Nutty Chip Clip Tip    

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I had never heard a man die inside on a podcast before. One less on the bucket list.

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Steam? Big lols.

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This week we'll be getting a proper NDX, with Jeff-y Gerst as the conductor! 



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So what's the over-under on the Bombcast getting inserted into this week's NDX, what with Ryan out of the picture?

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Choo choo?

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The Train seems to be having technicall issues, please do not feel the need to change trains
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today's link

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damn it that intro music is so awesome.

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StormLord said:

" http://media.giantbomb.com/ndxpress/ndx-04112011.mp3today's link "


Thanks. Man what's with the no news report these last couple of weeks? I don't have itunes :(


At least I have this thread to fall back on though.


ETA: I nearly died when he said 'and satan was his name-o'. But in a good way.

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Bah, why can't I add this on Instacast?!

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Is it getting on iTunes this week?
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@Enigma777: Yeah dude that would be very nice..
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@Kingloo said:
" I had never heard a man die inside on a podcast before. One less on the bucket list. "
Oh, it is great.  I feel like that is sadly/hilariously my favorite part of the show, Jeffery just keeps steaming on!

Jeff via NDX 2011-04-11 "if a...if a... certain circumstances lead me to leave town  again for a brief mission, you know... a little side car, side cart, a little hand cart action... take the train somewhere else real quick, private, a little sneaky style, then ahh... we can maybe get Mr. D back in here".

God, I busted out laughing in the library like an idiot while listening to that part.  You think you are dying a little on the inside each show, try having over 200 note cards on Algae... algae.  It is a semester of algae!  You at least get NEW crap every week to mull over, I have basically the same stuff, just more details about the OLD crap.
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This isn't showing up on my feed.

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Listening now!  It's odd that there's still no news post or upload to itunes.  Is the train only running on the underground railroad now?  Is Jeff G. the Harriet Tubman of our time?  All signs point to YES.

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God damn! Jeffs 'persona' on Ndx this week was just great

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It looks like Jeff forgot to add a title to his blog post, that's probably why it's not showing up on whatever you use the RSS feed with.

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Where can I find the most recent NDX?

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so, where's the NDX at this week? is the conductor aboard the train yet?

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I hope the train is running on time this week. No server issues or anything like last time. 

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@MooseyMcMan: Trains are very complicated so I wouldn't blame Jeff if he runs into some engine problems or there is a cow on the track. 
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@RE_Player92: No cow will slow down the NDX! It goes so fast it instantly changes cows to hamburger! 
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@random_guy23: theres a herd of patrick klepeks on the track. please excuse any delay
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Damn, No NDX tonight!

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Any word on why the train didn't pull into my station this week? Choo choo?

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RIDE THE TRAINNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!