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In it the guys were talking and all of a sudden Jeff finally gets something and says "Oh! _____!" Problem is I don't remember what the subject matter was, I just remember that dawning of realization on Jeff and him getting his mind blown.

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that's the one.

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What about the one where Jeff talks about being on the toilet during the death of the Dreamcast.

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@mezmero: hahah that was great. Don't remember the episode though. Just remembering that made me laugh out loud.

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@mezmero http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzZf6S8hqUw


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This thread needs to be stickied. Does anyone know which episode they talk about Heat and Jeff calls Val Kilmer "stone cold"? I think the episode after someone sends in an mp3 of him doing a one man version of the "GIMME ALL YA GOT!" scene.