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#101 Posted by SkipperSonne (82 posts) -

Jeff looking at me there makes me lose it every time.

#102 Posted by joelalfaro (582 posts) -

One of the best. Very Dr. Katz

#103 Posted by clintlandon (62 posts) -

I wanted to thank you all for looking at and commenting on this! I am working on the next clip. It'll be a little shorter, but I'm excited that it's not coming from the podcast, and it's a little experimental. I also have a couple I've started so I MIGHT be able to get a few out in much faster pace! If you want to know as soon as the next one comes up, please subscribe to my YouTube channel (no more shilling, I promise)! Again, thanks you guys so much.

#104 Posted by Fox318 (53 posts) -

Loved the video.

#105 Posted by fetchfox (1289 posts) -

Brilliant, great work @clintlandon! I hope to see more from you in the future.