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#101 Posted by medacris (670 posts) -

You have earned yourself a Subscribe, duder. Excellent work.

#102 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -

@Bones8677 said:

Very well done. If I may make one suggestion. It's a bit weird having the character portraits flashing in and out when a single person pauses while they talk. Like in 1:50-1:55. Think it would be better if it was just a single frame if you're not going to animate it. But I really like these videos, keep 'em coming.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the "animation" in this one. The flashing is a little obnoxious. Otherwise pretty great.

#103 Posted by DeltaDreamer (113 posts) -

this for sure, has made my day

#104 Posted by Harkat (1107 posts) -

These are starting to rival the Bombinations.

#105 Posted by kristov_romanov (466 posts) -

These are wonderful.

#106 Posted by Bollard (5763 posts) -

@Harkat: Still not quite on par with this glorious animation though:

#107 Posted by BRYN (90 posts) -
@Chavtheworld: Yeah, those are great! Wish there were more but I can see how doing videos like that could be way more taxing on a person then the silly ones I'm making.
I didn't really post it anywhere but I made a YouTube playlist of a couple other Bombcast character videos that I like, made by other duders. The actually animated ones by Hirashin aren't in there though (they don't count because there 10x better then the cartoon style ones).
(I also started another YT playlist for all my current and future Animated Excerpts (So you don't have to search through my other crummy videos).)
#108 Posted by Bollard (5763 posts) -

@BRYN: Your ones are still fantastic, so do keep making them! :D

#109 Posted by ninjalegend (456 posts) -

That was amazing. I adore these videos.

#110 Posted by oldschool2112 (96 posts) -

whoa just discovered this - you are my hero!

#111 Posted by Undeadpool (4989 posts) -

TOTALLY missed that Speech check the first time. NOW I have to go back and watch ALL these awesome videos...darn...

=========* The More You Know

#112 Posted by Boobtank (29 posts) -

Great. Super funny.

#113 Posted by Brundage (383 posts) -

god, that was fucking funny/awesome

#114 Edited by csl316 (9269 posts) -

Super job.

#115 Posted by omdata (111 posts) -

Just found this. Awesome x 3, maybe even 5. Thanks, Duder!

#116 Posted by FakeKisser (361 posts) -

This is beautiful and so wonderful. Great way to start a day. Thank you.

#117 Edited by Glottery (1363 posts) -

This is beautiful and so wonderful. Great way to start a day. Thank you.

I'm going to say the opposite, because for a moment I thought there was a new animated bombcast to brighten up my day. Bah.

#118 Posted by Cheesebob (1246 posts) -

Just realised something...the way Ryan starts this video is oddly poignant, specifically: "I'm Ryan Davis, back in the saddle after sleeping for way too long"

I made myself feel sad

#119 Posted by Syndrifter (8 posts) -

lol, these are awesome