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Bombcast also bashes on Indiana pretty hard some times particularly Indianapolis which I live in, but hey, westcoast bias right? ;) I'm joking of course, it's all in good fun I know.

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I was more offended by Vinny's Mexican accent.

#53 Posted by Splodge (1067 posts) -

Thicken that skin up a bit.

#54 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4154 posts) -

Texas is great.

#55 Posted by TooWalrus (13136 posts) -

One time Ryan mistook the state code MI for Missouri. It's Michigan, damn it.

...I never forgave, and I never forgot.

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Offended alarms are incoming

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Sounds like someone is being a little biiiieeetch!

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@zornack said:

You're not a woman or transgender so no one cares if you're offended.

so strong

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Brad's a southern man, and they were pretty clearly at pains not to cause any offence there.

Also I'm English, so you can't even begin to understand how we feel.

Dude, its cool, Brad is Southern UK.

Anyway, the south is the worst part of the US.

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Watch Justified. That's GOOD southern talk.

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Not really bitchin... but... [insert bitching].

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To be fair if you live outside of the 'the bay area' you're usually up for some kind of ridicule. Patrick in Chicago = gets shot. Reader mail from Australia = criminals. Mexico is full of who sell fireworks to kids. England is Europe. I dunno ... the list goes on. Don't be so sensitive.

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@cramsy: Not really, no.

That's interesting that this upset you. I'm from Australia and I couldn't care less when anyone has a go at an Australian accent or calls us all criminals. Hell, I love when Americans try Australian accents. They only said you guys talk slow down there, relax

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Not really bitchin... but... [insert bitching].

Not to offend anyone... but...

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Ohhhhhh. When you said "not really bitchin" you meant "Not to sound like I'm whining". I thought you were using bitchin as a synonym for radical. Example: "Her tits were so bitchin bro." or "It was not so bitchin when they insulted my region of origin."

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This has all pretty much run its course. Locking it down.