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2. Jeff

3. Ryan

4. Patrick

5. Brad

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I will say that Ryan is my favorite on the Bombcast, but Vinny is my favorite on QLs. Jeff goes from 2nd favorite to least favorite depending on if he mentions *mania games.

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They all have their high and low points and can be shitty assholes at times, but I think Ryan stands a few feet above the rest. Everyone else is tied for second.

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Everyone is great!

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Most entertaining: Vinny/ Jeff

Very entertaining: Brad

Still pretty entertaining: Ryan/ Patrick

Definately don't dislike any of them, I would order them in these 3 tiers though.

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I think Dave deserves a number one vote also. His view's are far from Jejune and add a unique quality to an already fantastic team.

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@doublestandards: That's a really dumb reason.

do you regularly post to insult other users?
i bet you flagged my post too, because you didnt like what i have to say. look at all these deleted posts.

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1. Vinny/Jeff/Brad/Ryan/Patrick
2. Gilbert Gottfried


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  1. Bombcast
  2. E-mails
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Brad is great when he actually talks. Man, I wish he'd do that more.

Jeff would have to be number 1, he's just too damn funny.

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I really, really like all five of 'em. If you were to point some sort of Internetpistol at my head, tho...






When Brad cracks up in the background after one of the other guys makes a joke, though..... magical. <3

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5.Every other guest



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@doublestandards: Um.. no I didn't flag your post or any post, and this is the internet I called you dumb, get over it.

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  1. Spike
  2. Ein
  3. Jet
  4. Ed
  5. Faye

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  1. Drew - If I wanted a honest opinion from someone, I'll take it from Drew, hes light on the bullshit.
  2. Vinny - Opinion + persona 4 ER
  3. Jeff - Personality + persona 4 ER
  4. Ryan - Most well rounded on a variety of topics and out going
  5. Dave - I need to hire him as my hype man
  6. Alex - Best writer at GB?

Sums it up, don't read the following if you are easily prone to hissy-fits.

Brad's Opinions are so sharply in contrast to my own that it almost hurts when he gets on a tangent but I can atleast still enjoy most of the things he contributes in which is good I guess, as for Patrick well he simply doesn't come off as likeable to me, tries too hard to be someone he isn't and well I guess if thats just how he is... well I'm just glad GB has some other fine staffers here.

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Not to pick favorites, but you're asking us to put our favorites in order? Ok.

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Yinvin and Vinyiv.

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@redgonzo said:

@doublestandards: Um.. no I didn't flag your post or any post, and this is the internet I called you dumb, get over it.

sure you didnt kid, i bet you sit all day flagging posts, half the thread were flagged and deleted posts

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For me Jeff is the biggest one I miss when he is not on the podcast. He works so well with everyone else.

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1. Jeff, Brad, Ryan, Vinny & Patrick

2. Mattress talk

3. Drink tasting

4. Videogames

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  1. Vinny/Jeff
  2. Ryan/Brad/Patrick

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Honorable Mention: Vinny

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I like them all equally for different reasons. I also love when Drew or Dave come on to the Bombcast. Although I think Vinny and Jeff have some of the best non-game related stories.

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Billy Murray

Will Smith from the Bad Boys 2

Bryan Davis

The cast of Mega64

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Huh didn't realize people loved Vinny so much, then again I tend to avoid posting on forums because why the fuck would I do that. But do people really find him that funny? I mean I like the guy, and especially recently he can drop some insightful shit. but Jeff and Ryan are the funny ones I guess being a person that has listened from the very start there the core of giant bomb to me, and the reason I listen every week.

Vinny wins every "who's your favorite" poll with like 80% of the vote. There are gifs dedicated to his participation in features.

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1. Vinny

2. Brad

3.Jeff Green

4.Jeff Gerstmann

5. Ryan

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1. Vinny

2. Jeff

3. Ryan

4. Dave

5. Drew

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The discussion on the plot of Metal Gear last episode stung a little, so I kind of hate all of them. Except Vinny "America's Sweetheart" Caravella.

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Everyone has their uses.

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1. Vinny

2. Jeff

3. Ryan

4. Brad

5. Patrick

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5.Every other guest



This is the correct answer.

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Are we doing top ten lists for the staff now?

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Vinny and Dave have interests and personalities that align best with my own. I think that's all that needs to be said. Ranking people based on how much you like them is crazy.

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1. Vinny





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I thought this was what's your favorite podcast episode, thread. ~ I like those..

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1.big jeffrey

2. vinvin

3. b-RAD

4. tricky


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1. VINNY/DREW and thats it

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Vinny, Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Patrick.

Always be Vinny.

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1. Ginger Spice

2. Sporty Spice

3. Posh Spice

4. Angry Spice

5. Old Spice Guy

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I want little plushie doll versions of all of them. ♥

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1. Vinny

2. Jeff

3. Brad

4. Dave

5. Ryan

6. Patrick

Cast needs more Dave, 's what I be trying to say. :)

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For me it's Ryan

And while I'm on this creepy topic, I thought I'd ask, because I always wanted to ask this...is it just me or does the bombcast feel hollow or empty when Ryan isn't there? And does anyone else think Jeff's tone of voice is different when he's the host? It seems a bit quieter or something? Am I crazy?