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This is going to turn into another Vinny appreciation thread isn't it?


1. Vinny

2. Everyone else

The rule regarding Vinny in any thread still applies, so yes it will turn into an appreciation thread for him.

The rule of course being if Vinny is an option, he will win, no matter what the topic is.

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I think Dave's sister is the bestest person to ever appear on a Giantbomb podcast/video. :)

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@quarters said:

1. Vinny

2. Jeff

3. Ryan

4. Patrick

5. Brad

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1. Vinny

2. Brad

3. Ryan

if I had to pick only three to bring on a deserted island with me for my "entertainment" ... ha, ha ... ha.

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Thread title reminds me of the "I'm not racist but..." Twitter account. Good stuff. Also picking favorites seems pretty weird, and Vinny always seems to come out on top of these things.

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  1. Vinny
  2. Jeff
  3. Everyone else
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I love all of them equally. :D

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It's like Sophie's choice up in here. Except, not really.

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They all bring something good to the table. In the intro where everyone is sort of rambling, I think Jeff and Vinny both have consistently good/funny stories. Ryan does a great job of keeping the 'cast rolling the whole time. Patrick usually has some interesting insight into a really broad range of topics. Brad tends to be super earnest about the games he's really into and his positivity is infectious.