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I remember listening to a Bombcast a ways back where the guys discussed this topic I believe someone even wrote in on how to do it. Been googling for awhile with minimal results just wanted to see if anyone could help me out or remembers the episode so I can go back and take a listen.

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@spaghetti_gal: I don't understand what topic you're referring to. I don't think you adequately explained it in the thread title.

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I recall it coming from a live podcast. Maybe it was the latest pax panel.

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@bisonhero yeah I agree I didn't do a very good job explaining in the post. Basically, I remember someone had the knowledge on how to effectively speed up the 4 hr. online driving class by changing a browser setting of some kind. It was vague at the time but when I heard it I was like man that would have been useful to know when I was taking a Serve-safe course online and of course I heard it sometime after. Now I need to take the safe drivers course online and really don't want to spend the full 4 hours. I might re-post with a new title that makes a bit more sense but I'm not real sure how to explain it any better than that. Thanks @slndr I will go back and listen to that one while I am working and see if I get lucky.

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About the harassment seminar @ 1:58 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7tVONHF6WA) thanks again @slndr

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I will say that we had a similar employee training system at a place where I used to work, and opting for the slideshow that you can manually click through was always faster than watching the videos.