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Now I love most of the Whiskey Media personalities, but I was thinking a little while ago, what would be my ideal line up for a conversation between all of them and I came up with 2 lists.

1: Most quirky/dumb game content.

This one would have to be Vinny, Drew and Dave. I could listen to those guys go on about random ass games, and old rpg's for hours on end. Also the world needs more Drew and Dave as a general rule.

2: Whiskey's loudest

Ryan, Will, Rorie, yeah they are all from different parts of the company but damn it they seem like they'd be a great team, Ryan has good chemistry with both of them, and Rorie and Will seem to have very different views on life, entertainment and games etc. plus they are just very over bearing personalities and it'd be fun to see them all go off on each other.

While writing this It occurred to me that I really want more chances for Jeff to sit down and chat with gaming legends (new and old) as well Like jar time with special guests, I always love the end of the E3 podcasts when everybody else starts to tucker out and Jeff gets a chance to talk history, gaming lore, and hopes for the future with folks like Tim Schaffer, Johnathon Blow etc. and I'd love to hear more of it, hell give me some John Romero, the Bioware Dr's and even Cliffy B with jeff's vast knowledge of gaming to guide the conversation and I'd be enthralled. I like the interviews Patrick does occasionally, but they are from a young pups perspective and also mostly written up, having audio/video would be much cooler, although impracticable.

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jeff vinny and dave

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Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad, Dave, Drew and Will Smith. The mega dream team, a podcast with all of these people simultaneously would melt my feeble mind.

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No Brad. That's it.

Edit: No Rorie too.

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Jeff, Vinny, Dave, Drew, Will, and Gary.

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Vinny and drew!

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Dave, Drew, Vinny, Will Smith...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand David Jaffe. Anything with Jaffe is pure gold. I think he should become a regular.

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Vinny, Rorie, Dave, Ryan probably, if I was to bring it down to four

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Vinny, Vinny, Vinny, Dave, Jeff.

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I kind of like the regular gang. Ryan, Vinny, Jeff, Patrick, and Brad.

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I would say a segment with Ryan, Jeff, Johnny V and Adam. Then a segment with Paul Barnett, Jeff, Ryan and Brad. Final segment Jeff, Ryan, Jeff Green and Gary Whitta.

For a change of pace, getting Drew, Vinny and Dave together is pure gold.

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For the most entertaining I'd go with Jeff, Ryan, Adam, Johnny V and Vinny. Though any one with Dave is good too.

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I like the chemestry Ryan, Vinnie, Jeff and Brad have together- throw in a little Alex, Rich, Greg or Carrie and you've got a podcast I'm going to listen to no matter what.

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These are all good suggestions, but we're missing the catalyst, the original wizard himself: Rich Gallup.

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gary vinny jeff dave. Done.

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It was called the Nintendo Download Express.

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I would like to listen to a Giant Bradcast (a podcast with nothing but Brad), out of sheer novelty, but I think another with Ryan, Jeff, Brad, Vinny and just a dash of Alex with a helping of Baby Choo Choo, the circuit bent keyboard.

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Jeff, Ryan, Dave, Gary, Will, and special guest Jeff Green as often as his schedule allows. God, I miss GFW Radio.

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& Vinny

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@Thompson820 said:

Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad, Dave, Drew and Will Smith. The mega dream team, a podcast with all of these people simultaneously would melt my feeble mind.

And the Boss of Bosses - Mr. Matt Rorie. It would be classic.

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@phish09 said:




& Vinny

Was going to say this.

Klepeck is a smart duder whom I respect, but "hook my mouth up to that dog's ass" never happens with him on. He's a little too stringent, things are a little too to-the-point and sane with him, even when they go off on tangents. He never lets stuff like this happen. He always has to go and make a relevant point. ;)

Also, he's a great addition to GB in that he provides fantastic interviews and news stories.

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Ryan, Jeff, Brad, Vinny, Dave, Patrick, Will, Alex.

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Vinny, Dave, Drew, Will, Rorie with special guests Johnny V and David Jaffe

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Ryan, Jeff, Adam Boyes & Bobo

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Ryan, Jeff, Patrick, Vinny, Mega64, Dave, Brad, Rich, Jeff Green, Will Smith, Gary, Alex, Johnny V, and Adam.

Make it a 24 hour thing for charity. You could raise millions with that cast.

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I think Jeff talking to gaming legends is a great idea. There was a segment started in the later days of GregK at Gamespot where he would talk to gaming luminaries which was pretty great.

Jeff rapping with Ice-T would also be great.

Ryan, Jeff, Vinnie and Brad talking to some old school Midway guys would be great too, especially if they could talk about everything from old "pins" to the classic Midway action sports stuff and a big helping of Mortal Kombat.

What these guys bring to the table on a consistent basis is pretty much all right with me, which is why I am a subscriber.

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Ryan, Vinny, Jeff and Brad. Their chemistry is great, and they are, by far, my favorite video game podcast lineup.
I'm not sure an all star cast would be as good. Every Jordan needs a Laimbeer.

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Everyone who has ever been on the Bombcast ever. Throw everyone in a big ass room and hand em all a mic and prepare for the most brainfuckingnest podcast ever.

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ryan, jeff, vinny, brad, patrick and gary

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Rick "The Ricker" Peterson, and Ryan.

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@NekuCTR said:

Jeff, Vinny, Dave, Drew, Will, and Gary.

This is correct.

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Seriously I don't dislike any of them

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Jeff Vinny Drew Dave. Alex and Jared are honorable mentions (Might be forgetting a few people).

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Vinny & Vinny's Dad.


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@MatPaget said:

Vinny & Vinny's Dad.


lol man i would resub for that alone

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@MatPaget said:

Vinny & Vinny's Dad.


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Give me the Brodeo with Shawn Elliot and Jeff Green. I love the Bombcast but GFW Radio still stands my all time favorite podcast ever made.

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Jeff, Vinny and Ryan with a side of Brad please.

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The regular Bombcast crew then throw in Johnny V, Cheapy D, Chris Grant, Justin McElroy, Charles O, and Greg Miller for a big round table discussion. I wouldn't want that as a weekly thing but an occasional discussion for E3, PAX, and game of the year talks. I enjoy the CAGcast but Cheapy might not be a good one because he does play as many new games as the rest.
Otherwise give me the regular Bombcast.

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i'd sort of like speciality podcasts like this to pop up every month, or every other month, alternate with the radio show perhaps.

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Current lineup is great. I might add Rich Gallup tho

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Jeff Green

Shawn Elliott

Ryan Scott

Shawn Malloy

Anthony Gallegos

Robert Ashley

Wait...i think i read this post wrong.

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Jeff as host. Patrick as news guy. Vincent for seasoning. Seasonal appearances from The Ricker. That's it.

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@LTSmash said:

Jeff, Ryan, Dave, Gary, Will, and special guest Jeff Green as often as his schedule allows. God, I miss GFW Radio.

Iwas just about to say...

Since Jeff Green was on the Octobercast, that makes him eligible for the podcast all stars, right?

GFW Radio was like the 96-98 Chicago Bulls. While it was nice to have much of the cast back for Out of the Game, and was interesting in its own way, it wasn't GFW radio.

Also, I'm not sure how people can ask for "Ryan Scott". He was just a voice Shawn Elliot made up.

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Jeff, Vinny, Brad. That is all.

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Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, Brad and Dave.

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Ryan and Jeff.

Someday, Brad, Vinny, Patrick, Dave, Will and Drew will all go on vacation at once, and Ryan and Jeff will be forced to do one last podcast with just them. This is my one wish.

If Alex has to be there, that's OK too.

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@phish09 said:




& Vinny

You sick fuck. How could you suggest something so terrible.

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Ryan, Vinny, Jeff, Johnny V, and Justin McElroy.