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I did not see this issue on the forums so decided to post my issue here. When I am listening to the bombcast on the site using the embedded player, I will pause it on occasion. After unpausing, the podcast will roll back to a point anywhere between 5-10 minutes from where I had stopped it.

This does not happen with older bombcasts, but I noticed it while listening to the Game of the Year bombcasts and it continues now with the latest files. I was wondering what kind of issue this would be, but decided that I would post it here. Does this happen to anyone else? I understand this is not a huge issue, just slightly annoying.

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I only pause it occasionally so maybe I haven't noticed it, but I believe it works fine for me.

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I posted a thread a while ago about this very same issue over in Bug Reporting. It's really annoying, especially since I don't have the time to listen to a 3+ hour podcast in one sitting like I used to, and now I can't just write down the time and pick it back up.

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@the_nubster: Yea same here. It just seems to me like the player does not keep track of the right time or something. I'm listening to last weeks bombcast and the player indicates that its over but the file is still playing.

I wasnt sure if it was an actual issue for bug reporting or if I was an isolated case, so I thought I'd get as many peoples opinions first. You ever hear back from anyone?

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@dachen: Funny thing, I was just thinking about posting another thread because my other one got buried. @rorie had replied saying he'd look into it or something to that effect, but it seems like it got forgotten in the shuffle or they don't know what's causing the issue or something.

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They are aware of this issue. @rorie already told me that it's going to be eventually worked on and fixed. It's on a list.

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Yep, still on the bug list. @alexisg might be able to shed some light on what's causing it.

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@rorie: Thanks Rorie, figured I'd ask users before I bugged you guys. Appreciate it!

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Yeah, it's infuriating... it has almost made me stop listening D:

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I've never been able to resume anything (videos or podcasts) it always starts at 0:00 for me