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Anyone else notice the new podcast page it looks really nice.

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I just noticed it says podcast, wtf is a podcast?

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The new web player is not working on Chorme

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The blue buttons look weird though.  Other than that it looks neat.

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@DarkHeroZark said:

The new web player is not working on Chorme

Or IE9. I'm gonna try Firefox next.

Okay, I can confirm that the big three do not like the redesign.

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@George_Hukas: it's like a free show or somehting on the internet. That's a good question i don;t really know

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@DarkHeroZark: I just now tried it and doesn't work for me either. That kind of suck.

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Just tried it (in Chrome) works fine for me but is playing last weeks.

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Wish they would do a version that fit into iTunes album artwork.

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Looks pretty good. Still kind've a pain to browse the archives, though.

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Works perfectly for me in Chrome.

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It looks sweet.

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When looking at the page it shoots up my cpu usage from 5% to 40%! Somethings not right with it

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I wish I could go through the archive without the page refreshing. Especially considering they don't show as many, and the space was replaced with a useless community section. And I don't like how the little circle around the play button keeps swirling. But overall, great design and I love the new art.