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Hey folks, is anyone else having this issue? My Giant Bombcast subscription wasn't loading up the new podcast after the site relaunch so I unsubscribed and tried to resubscribe to the new Bombcast- Giant Bomb Games Podcast feed via iTunes. Unfortunately, not only is the latest podcast listed there, trying to subscribe leads to nothing. It just doesn't subscribe and sometimes, doing so crashes the Podcasts app.

Don't think it's a problem with the app itself as I also decided to subscribe to RadioRadar and that worked fine.

Was wondering if anyone else is facing a similar issue. Thanks!

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I fixed it by unsubscribing from the feed I was on and copy and pasting the RSS url straight in. The only issue was that ti put the podcasts in reverse but I suspect that won't be an issue next week.

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Hey, I've been having a similar issue with my Pocket Casts app on iOS. Any iOS podcast apps that are definitely receiving the Bombcast?

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Had to break down and listen to it through the player. My Wednesday morning commute was a little lonely without the Bombcast crew.

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Cant receive new episodes on my Downcast app too, the ones that show even after unsubbing and resubbing are from last december (goty episodes).

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It wasn't coming up for me on my Podcasts App like usual so I just downloaded it to my iphone with the downloads app from the site, slightly annoy yes but we knew this was coming and at least I still have it on my phone for work tonight.

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its supposedly to be up in the hour

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Still not working for me. Am I forever alone?

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Hopefully it's working by tomorrow when I will need it for my commute.

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I'm getting it on the Podcast Addict app on Android, if that helps anyone.

Edit: Actually I'm not, its just coming up with the descriptions, which is wierd. False alarm.

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when i go to itunes it brings up giantbomb but no pod casts are listed....

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Yeah, I'm having this issue as well. Hopefully it's resolved soon.