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Have there been any Bombcasts that you still keep coming back to, despite it no longer being timely or topical?

I still listen to The Nintendownload Express Episode 4 as Rick The Ricker Petersen is never not funny.

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I must have listened to most Idle Thumbs Podcast episodes 3 times now. So stoked they are coming back.

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Since I work 12 hour shifts on the weekends I ended up listening to all the podcasts from the very beginning to now over the course of 6 months. Been interesting seeing how they changed over time.

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@BlaineBlaine: " I can speak intelligently about two things open wheel racing and wario."

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MGS4 Spoilercast is a masterpiece of comedy and discussion as they talk about the the franchise as a whole. I listen after every MGS game I play. And I love 7-13-11 because that was the first BC that I listened to and led me to this site, it also probably has the best 20 minutes with the Ryan is a NARC discussion and how twitter can be abused, hilarity at it's finest.

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It doesn't really count as old but I've listened to last weeks podcast about 5 times now. I've got a feeling that I will keep coming back to listen to it years from now.

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Just over a year ago, I went through the Never Not Funny podcasts. Just the Bombcast for me now I think.

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Sometimes old gfw ones but since the compilations came out there is no need.

sometimes old episodes of the comedy button. also educational ones like ted talks or something. Those are always relevant

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Going through all the old Bombcasts right now. I'm mainly intrigued with hearing their first impressions of games that I already know whether they ended up being good or not. Also listening to predictions they make and knowing how wrong (or occasionally right) they were.

Ex: Jeff being super pumped about Dark Void and pretty non-caring about Borderlands after his first impressions.

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In general I love listening to old podcasts for similar reasons as @tobygw, approaching it historically with what we know now.

I have my ongoing quest to hear the bomcasts I've missed, by listening in order from the start. Also just found Groovy Gamer and Idle Thumbs, I've gone backwards with GG and hit about a month or so back. Idle Thumbs I started at the beginning and juuust hit episode 11 part 2.

Planning on checking out some of the highlights for Hotspot once I get current with IT so... that'll take a while :)

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i listen to the ricky gervais show a lot and the old XFM shows, love me some pilkington

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The YogPod. 
I must listen to the whole thing maybe 4 times a week?

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i tend to listen to the bombcast 2 times a week every other week

and sometimes just go back a lot and listen to some of the old sometimes

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I've been working my way through the 2008 'casts again, as I had realized that I've missed quite a few.

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I sometimes listen to the old E3 podcasts because they are incredible.

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I listen to the Howard Phillips Podcast from GB every couple weeks when I am feeling sad.

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Will often just randomly grab one of the older bombcasts (usually when waiting on the new one to arrive) to hear about games that I might have forgotten about or to look back & see if the games they were shown at press events turned out the way they did after launch.

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You should listen to the older hotspots

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anything with jonny V in it mostly

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@AndrewBeardsley said:

Sometimes old gfw ones but since the compilations came out there is no need.

Know where I can find those? I love 97.5 The Brodeo.

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I'm the type of guy who almost always has to have something else playing in the background while playing a game (whether that be music, TV, or podcasts) so I've listened to all the bombcasts at least two or three times through. Hell I still listen to the HotSpot now and then (from 2005-2007 at least).

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I still still listen old episodes of the Gamespy Debriefings. They still hold up since most of the cast didn't work for Gamespy and never talked about games. It's still funny to hear Scott Bromley and Brian Altano quite literaly poison themselves with the world's worst alcohol while Ryan Scott and Anthony Gallegos watched in horror.

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@Octaslash said:

I still still listen old episodes of the Gamespy Debriefings. They still hold up since most of the cast didn't work for Gamespy and never talked about games. It's still funny to hear Scott Bromley and Brian Altano quite literaly poison themselves with the world's worst alcohol while Ryan Scott and Anthony Gallegos watched in horror.

They're all doing The Comedy Button these days. It's a little hit or miss, but the last few episodes have been pretty good. HORSE BOOTS

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I'm still going through the old Hotspots from just before when rich left,

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It's newer, but the 01-31-12 Bombcast is fucking brilliant.

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YogPod, MBMBaM and Bombcast

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The Bombcast and The Hotspot pre-2008. Yeah, guess I really like these guys.

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I love relistening to old Bombcasts, like probably everyone in the thread, and old Channel Surfing (IGN TV podcast) eps and Pop Culture Happy Hour as well. Internets!

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@RenMcKormack: *BWOWAOWOAOWOWAOW* Hey guys, it's me, Howard Phillips again! Just dropping by to say hey!

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I listen to the old GOTY podcasts everyone once in a while. It's a good way to get a condensed version of what came out that year and why it mattered. Giant bomb GOTY podcasts are always very entertaining to me because its the only time that the guys will really sit down and argue/debate their opinions of their favorite games. The old E3 podcasts are also great to go back to.

Outside of Giantbomb? Well I've been meaning to dig up that old 1up yours podcast where they interview Dennis Dyack because I remembering it being very intriguing at the time with the whole Too Human drama going on. Not sure how well it holds up now since all that stuff is basically irrelavent.

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@Bell_End said:

i listen to the ricky gervais show a lot and the old XFM shows, love me some pilkington

I do the exact same, it doesnt matter how many times I have heard an episode.
I can already tell I will do the same with My Brother My Brother and Me, but I am still working on running through them the first time.
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Whatever Rebel FM that first had Robert Ashley on it. That episode was the most off topic podcast and was pretty amazing.

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Sometimes I shuffle back to some wherein, at the time of listening, I wasn't in on the conversation and hadn't really played the games of import. Not for the sake of validation, but rather as a means of furthering the immersion. Being into something, and listen to folks whose opinions I value talk about it adds to the internal conversation after any given experience, regardless of when it was relevant. This applies pretty much to anything as not all of us have first-hand access to the media we seek out. Between other podcasts, outside of gaming, no SModcast can ever go wrong. I'm not caught up on all of them, but as far as relevancy, they're timeless in my book.

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@NegativeCero Or when Robert Ashley went on a tear about the grandeur of God of War, literally busting out his oprah voice, expressing the ways that game rewards the player. That part of the podcast cracked me the F up, if only I knew which episode. He outdid Gow.

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I listen to each Bombcast usually 2-3 times over the week until the next Bombcast.

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Hey, this is a cool topic!

@NegativeCero: I believe you are thinking of Episode 8 of Rebel FM which was the show's first Bobito appearance. Rebel FM asked their audience what their favorite episodes were and many people said Episode 8. After going back to listen to it I can't disagree. I think Robert Ashley has only been on Rebel FM 3 or 4 times, but episode 8 is gold, especially if you've heard him on other GFW Radio episodes. I like the 11/28/2007 episode of GFW Radio or any other where Shawn tells Safeway stories. The 6/28/2008 episode of GFW with "Merchants of Cool" is still hilarious.

I've been listening to older episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience and Kevin Smith's SModcast, which are probably only funny if you smoke herb or have a passing interest in MMA, stand up comedy or script writing. I especially liked The Rogan episodes with Nick Swardson and another he did with Charlie Murphy. The SModcast just recently had a cool interview with Marvel comic book writer Joe Casey and I didnt even really know about Kevin Smith's podcast until I heard him as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Oh yeah, and I like to rewatch Welcome Back Tricaster Party Part 2 which could be the best Dark Souls companion material ever made.

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i laugh every time

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I think it was the first Giantbomb GDC podcast. Never heard somebody talk so passionately about unheard of games like Paul Barnett did. Listened to it at least 5 times.

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I sometimes go back and listen to convention podcasts and GOTY podcasts on GB, and I'll probably go back and listen to the November 2010 Bombcasts that started me on the podcast because the Fable III discussions are amazing. There are also a few episodes of NoobToob that I could see myself going back to.

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I've listened to the entire Ricky Gervais Show catalog (including the radio show) more times than I'm willing to admit.

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The one podcast with Adam Boyes and Johnny V.. Their stories in the first half of the podcast are freakin' Hilarious.

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I've listened to the all emails holiday Bombcasts from 2009 and 2010 quite a few times.

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I still go back and listen to old episodes of The Gamespy Debriefings when I'm having a rough week. Nothing cheers me up quite like cumfarts and swazzlestars.

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The first one with Johnny V and the all emails podcast they did In 09 I believe.

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Hate to say this, but most of them. I usually don't get to listen to most podcasts until at least a month afterward. Except the bombcast, which I've only let go for around 2 weeks at most.

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I at one point last year went and listened to every episode of the Bombcast all the way from Arrow Pointing Down up to whatever was current at the time. I've run the archives of Uhh Yeah Dude twice, and just did Peacock and Gamble and the Ray Peacock Podcast. i like podcasts.


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I've listened to the MW2 and MGS4 spoiler casts quite a few times.