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I'm just checking to see if the Premium Bombcast for 5/6/14 was showing through itunes or RSS for anyone else and it's not an issue on my side. The last podcast I see in either is the F1 podcast.

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No ad this week, so no premium version.

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There is none for this week cause there was no ad for the podcast.

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People who don't like small business man are weird

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I am only subscribed to the premium feed, I guess I will have to subscribe to both :(

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@darkstalker: Yeah I don't get it either. Small business man is great.

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@jesus_phish said:

@darkstalker: Yeah I don't get it either. Small business man is great.

Small Business Man sure is great! Did you know that you are wasting valuable hours trying to be a Large Business man? Think of all the time wasted filling out TPS reports, wrestling with the IT department, burying hookers for the CEO... the list goes on!

In one small step, you can become a Small Business Man today!

Just subscribe to the regular feed. It's that easy!

Thanks Small Business Man!