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Poll: Premium Members! Bombcast: With Ads or Ad-free? (972 votes)

With Ads 34%
Ad-Free 13%
Jeff's Radio-DJ voice is awesome 53%
Other 2%

Which flavour of Bombcast do you most enjoy!?

So a line has been drawn in the sand! For those who don't know, premium members are getting an ad-free version of the bombcast in their premium podcast feeds (continuing the site's standing commitment to no ads for premium members). I think it's a nice gesture and am happy the option is there.

However, I personally fucking love the delivery and method of ads in this week's bombcast, and honestly squarespace aint bad so I prefer the with-ads flavour. (although, if the ads start getting bad and/or lame, I'll switch over)

How about you!?

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With ads. 2 minutes of ads in a near 3 hour weekly show doesn't bother me, Jeff's delivery is great, and if more ad downloads gets GB more money, I'm in.

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If they're all done as amazing as the first ones, I'm all for it.

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If they put the same gusto into the ads each week, I'm on board.

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Well shit I had no idea we got a premium version with no ads. That is awesome.

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The podcast app I use has a button to skip 30 seconds ahead, so ads in podcasts have never been an issue for me.

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So the ad-free version starts with the crew talking for 5 minutes about the ad Jeff just read out loud but you didn't get to hear? Yeah? Cool.

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I'm premium.

I'll take Jeff ads.

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As long as I get to keep hearing the Wii Shop Music during the ad then ads all the way.

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If they're giving an ad free 'cast and you want ads, you can just subscribe to the non-paid version of the RSS feed, so what does it matter?

I'm paying for a subscription and I hear the same damn Squarespace/Netflix/Audible/Shutterstock/whatever ads on every podcast I listen to. If I can avoid it on just one of those, I'd feel a whole lot better.

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@andrewb said:

If they're giving an ad free 'cast and you want ads, you can just subscribe to the non-paid version of the RSS feed, so what does it matter?

Exactly - this thread is just to gauge what people think of the two flavours of the podcast. Seems like a few people do like the ad-free version, which I find interesting.

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I don't care enough about the ads to change my BeyondPod subscribe thingys and have my Bombcasts mixed with the other premium podcasts, so with ads. If they get some money for 3 hours of excellent content each week: Good. That's just fair.

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It was really weird listening to the add-free version and hear them talking about doing an add without actually hearing it. So with adds from now on, especially when they do it, like they did this week.

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If they need the advertising money, more power to them. Also since they do the ads themselves it's great. Also I can't be bothered downloading the premium version off the site when I have the Bombcast library neatly stored on iTunes.

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I don't mind in-podcast ads at all if they're read by one of the crew.

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I don't know what a premium podcast feed is, or how to get it. And I'm not sure I went to spend the few minutes I would save with an ad-free version, looking for the instructions.

So I'll stick with the regular one.

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Gotta go with ads. If they were separate audio segments they cut in I would go no ads, but as it is I'd feel like I'm listening to an incomplete Bombcast.

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For now, I will listen to the ones with ads, but if it it becomes too forced or unfunny or whatever I'll probably switch.

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I do think us premies should get an ad free bombcast, but since the premium podcast feeds suck to deal with i'd end up listening to the version with ads anyway so meh.

#20 Posted by MEATBALL (3895 posts) -

With ads because I use the iOS podcasts app and trying to listen to the premium version is more of a hassle (awesome!). Also, the ads are minimal, so yeah, who cares, ultimately.

#21 Posted by audioBusting (1725 posts) -

I'm tired of listening to Squarespace (and Audible/LegalZoom/Stamps) ads, but I do like this style of advertising. It's more like a feature rather than an inconvenience to me.

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For now, count me in as "with ads," but only because I can't figure out how to get Instacast to subscribe to the premium feed. As long as the ads remain as they are (mostly non-intrusive, read by the crew, with a little of their sense of humor) I won't mind.

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As long as they continue to be able to be the lovable assholes they are and completely make fun of the product, ads all the way.

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When I say give me Bombcast, I mean all the bombcast. The ads don't bother me one bit. They've been in most of the other podcasts i listen to, so it's not really anything new for me.

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After little consideration, I prefer the ad-free version. Listening to an ad was novel one time.

#26 Posted by Damodar (1621 posts) -

The way they did it was entertaining and it's nice just in terms of I guess being a sign of somebody finally listening to them about the value of the bombcast.

I wonder if Jeff will do them all. I want Vinny to tell me about the latest great offer from Vinn Co. using promo code AGEFanatiq BOMBCAST9.

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I'm not someone who likes throwing money at people for fun so I go for the ad-free version.

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I'll listen to the ad because listening to 30 seconds of Jeff talking about something I'll never use is not going to kill me and I'm not pretentious enough to pretend that I deserve an ad free version.

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ad free. Jeff delivers but....fuck the man.

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@likeassur: yeah, people don't deserve to make their own decisions. That's way too pretentious.....

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Ads! The novelty might wear off eventually, but listening to Jeff speak in radio voice about random products is fun.

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If they keep delivering it like they did the first time around I'll keep listening to the ad-included version.

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The ad was funny, and this week they worked it in at a break, so as long as they keep doing it right I'll keep downloading the standard version. Though if they start going down that road where the flow of a good conversation is interrupted by "hold on I need to read this thing. THIS PODCAST IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY AUDIBLE THE INTERNETS LEADING...", I'll switch. Luckily, the fact that there IS an ad-free feed means that if they DID start doing it this way, the cuts would be super awkward and just wouldn't work. I trust 'em.

#34 Posted by Itwongo (1426 posts) -

With ads! They handle them well and have the potential to be really funny.

#35 Posted by Benny (2000 posts) -

I'm going to keep listening to see how they change the delivery every week. This weeks had the nintendownload-E-Shop music!

#36 Posted by subyman (700 posts) -

It took me off guard to be honest. I've been listening to the Bombcast for years and it was the only to not bombard me with ads at the beginning. It felt like a premium experience to hit play and get right into the show. The ad was strange and I didn't care for it (Jeff's radio voice was awesome btw), so I'll be going with the classic, ad-free bombcast.

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All the podcasts I listen to have ads, so it does not bother me. Plus, I enjoyed how Jeff read the ad. In the end, if having ads on the podcast means I get to enjoy all the other content that is produced, then I am all for it. I do appreciate the effort of having an ad-free version for premium members though.

#38 Posted by CannedBread (31 posts) -

As long as the ads are funny I really don't care. Given a choice between ads and ad-free I'll take ads, as long as they're read like they were this week.

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I think it's a good thing they provide the option for an ad-free version, and that's the version I'll take when provided. Though I can appreciate and respect Jeff's silly delivery of the ads, I am under no obligation to like advertisements, nor should anyone be judged for not liking them. I subscribed. I'm doing my part.

I do hope it gets them more bargaining power with CBSi, at least.

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With ads of course.

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With ads read out by Giantbomb. That way they don't get in the way.

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"How's their video player?" "It's probably better than ours" was the funniest part of the podcast

#43 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2351 posts) -

With Jeff doing the advertising I'm absolutely fine with it.

#44 Posted by Zaccheus (1823 posts) -

The first ads were very entertaining and if they stay that way I don't see any reason to avoid them.

#45 Posted by Splodge (2282 posts) -

Blow your ads all over my face and chest, GB!

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They'll probably be for Squarespace for a while so that might get old, but any talking is content and I want more content. Make my podcast as long as possible.

EDIT: Maybe next will be Would be great to hear Jeff do some back-of-the-book dramatic readings.

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It's great that the bomb crew tried to put some effort into make ads interesting (and judging from the feedback, they succeeded) but I would have to say no, I am more than happy to have an ad free site (and podcast) in exchange for 50 bucks a year.

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@starvinggamer: Please let there be an audible version of Space Jam on their site. If not I know a guy.

Yeah if they do the ad's like MBMBAM where there's still jokes to be had there then I will willingly opt into the added up version. Unlike Weekend Confirmed where they have ad's for 2 minutes and I just hit the 'skip 30 secs' button over and over. Have you guys heard about GameFly?

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People get so paranoid about ads. "Oh, no someone put an ad in something...I'm going to die!!!!"

#50 Posted by JackSukeru (6077 posts) -

I was only half sold on the delivery, but I'll keep listening to it until it starts to bore me..