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Poll: Premium Members! Bombcast: With Ads or Ad-free? (972 votes)

With Ads 34%
Ad-Free 13%
Jeff's Radio-DJ voice is awesome 53%
Other 2%

Which flavour of Bombcast do you most enjoy!?

So a line has been drawn in the sand! For those who don't know, premium members are getting an ad-free version of the bombcast in their premium podcast feeds (continuing the site's standing commitment to no ads for premium members). I think it's a nice gesture and am happy the option is there.

However, I personally fucking love the delivery and method of ads in this week's bombcast, and honestly squarespace aint bad so I prefer the with-ads flavour. (although, if the ads start getting bad and/or lame, I'll switch over)

How about you!?

#51 Posted by Flappy (2404 posts) -

As a person that believes that not all ads are bad (Dikembe Mutumbo Geico ads come to mind), I fully support the ad on the latest bombcast.

#52 Posted by Kidavenger (3867 posts) -

I don't mind them at the start if they are short(fuck the 10 minute long ads at the start of SMODcast podcasts) or the end, but I really don't like interstitial ads.

#53 Posted by Kaiserreich (805 posts) -

I'm already paying for it so I might as well take advantage of the ad free version.

#54 Posted by StrainedEyes (1353 posts) -

With ads. Jeff reading them makes them enjoyable and at the end of the day I really don't care about ads.

#55 Posted by cloudymusic (1377 posts) -

With ads. The midshow segment with the e-Shop music was entertaining as hell.

#56 Edited by CaLe (4216 posts) -

I'll just get the version without ads. I'm glad they split it up. Ads waste my precious time.

#57 Posted by GaspoweR (4095 posts) -

@demoskinos: It's in the same feed as the other Premium Podcasts (e.g. Box Office Bomb and Power Bombcast) .

#58 Posted by Slay3r1583 (674 posts) -

Now that I know there is an ad free version that is all I'll listen to in the future. I thought that 2+ minute ad/skit in the middle was a little gross.

#59 Edited by Hunter5024 (6302 posts) -

I listened to the ad because I was curious to see how it went. It was tasteful enough that I think I'll continue listening to the main version of the podcast. Honestly I kind of wish they weren't even doing a premium version. I'd rather not have to download something I'm not going to listen to.

#60 Posted by Demoskinos (16201 posts) -

@gaspower said:

@demoskinos: It's in the same feed as the other Premium Podcasts (e.g. Box Office Bomb and Power Bombcast) .

Oh yeah, I know I just didn't realize that was there until I saw this thread. I only ever check the premium feed when Rorie or Alex are promoting a new podcast dropping be it the movie or wrestling one.

#61 Posted by ThePickle (4266 posts) -

I listen to premium.

#62 Posted by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

As long as they bake them into entertainment. I listen to tons of podcasts and some do an amazing job at implementing the ads(Joe Rogan) and some deliver it flat and boring(Penn's Sunday School and Marc Maron).

GB is doing a great job so far, so I'm all for it.

#63 Posted by ToTheNines (984 posts) -

I don't care, I am premium. But I get my podcast off itunes and listen to it at work with ads, doesn't bother me one bit.

#64 Posted by SomeJerk (3606 posts) -

I like the ads. They actually suit me, and had I been more active I would have signed up for at least one of what we heard.

#65 Posted by President_Barackbar (3513 posts) -

Since I pay for the site and have access to the ad-free version, I might as well listen to it.

#66 Posted by CountBolkonsky (68 posts) -

With ads. They integrate well and any chance to hear Jeff's radio voice is a good thing.

#67 Posted by Baillie (4578 posts) -

Can anyone give me a timestamp of the ads in the last 2 podcasts?

#68 Posted by gaminghooligan (1671 posts) -

Ads just so I can hear Jeff's crazy voices, they are the best.

#69 Edited by ToastMan (112 posts) -

I honestly think that people who don't listen to the ads version are missing out. It's basically 2 more minutes of good ol' bombcast silliness (which is the main reason I listen to it in the first place).

The premium version is basically two Jeff/Vinny-funny-minutes slimmer, which makes it the inferior one.

#70 Posted by DeF (5211 posts) -

Guys, I bet NONE of you would even notice these ads were real if they were using made-up names for Squarespace and whatever else they might be calling out.

#71 Posted by leebmx (2322 posts) -

The ads were funny once, but to be honest I now find it a bit depressing to hear Jeff have to shill products, especially now there is a break in the middle of the podcast. I imagine it will just get worse either because of more ads or their enthusiasm draining. Will definitely listen to the no-ads version.

#72 Posted by Akyho (1815 posts) -

I personally have gotten so sick of ad's and would like to be rid of them as much as possible, probably due to taking a media course in college and knowing waaaaay to much about ad's.

However....I am torn on the bombcast ad's. First time i went "ugh ads? oh premium version ad free done." second time i was in a rush and dled the ad version. I knew jeff did a bit of silliness but it wasn't much in the first one. The latest one is was fine and was extra jeff and vinny. However its a fine line on what I will accept and more so on what the people buying the ad long can Jeff continue making half fun of the ad as he reads it?

If it stays silly i shall listen, if it goes cold cut serious nope ad free version all the way.

#73 Posted by Chop (2010 posts) -

After little consideration, I prefer the ad-free version. Listening to an ad was novel one time.

This. Funny the first time, not so much the second.

#74 Edited by Zeik (3132 posts) -

You naysayers are crazy. That ad with Jeff and Vinny in the middle of the last podcast was one of the funniest parts of the whole thing.

#75 Posted by Nodima (1490 posts) -

The ads are some of my favorite parts of Tony Kornheiser Show, Mohr Stories, Adam Corolla Show, and WTF so I can't really complain since they're doing live reads like those. If they were ever actual placements like ESPN podcasts then I'd switch to the premium feed.

#76 Posted by Brundage (474 posts) -

to lazy to make the extra click to get the premium podcast, so ads it is

#77 Posted by l4wd0g (2207 posts) -

Ad free. Mostly because I paid for it. It is becoming a serious pain in the ass because instacast seems to forget my user name and password everytime it does a search for new episodes.

#78 Posted by RioStarwind (647 posts) -

I don't mind two advertisements in a 3 hour podcast each week. I'm used to hearing them in a few other podcasts I listen to anyway.

#79 Posted by GreggD (4582 posts) -

I've been listening to podcasts with "in-universe" ads for a long time. So one more ain't gonna hurt.

#80 Posted by Zomgfruitbunnies (992 posts) -
@brundage said:

to lazy to make the extra click to get the premium podcast, so ads it is

#81 Posted by Buneroid (443 posts) -

After little consideration, I prefer the ad-free version. Listening to an ad was novel one time.

This man has it right.

#82 Posted by forkboy (1318 posts) -

I really don't mind the ads, I didn't notice that I had 2 Bombcasts on my iPod the first week with ads (regular feed & Premium feed) so listened to the free version & it as relatively unobtrusive. That said, seeing as I'm already subscribed to the Premium feed I'm totally OK living without the ads, so I've unsubscribed from the regular Bombcast feed & will go ad-free from now on & that'll be nice. Hardly any point in downloading the Bombcast twice every week.

#83 Posted by deskp (499 posts) -

it depends on how ads will work in the future. so far the ads does not bother me

#84 Posted by Nux (2544 posts) -

I like the ads. Jeff does a good job with them and it doesn't really bother me that there are ads in the bombcast now.

#85 Posted by STORMP00PER (88 posts) -

I don't mind the ads they are short and kinda funny so not really a problem

#86 Posted by face15 (1368 posts) -

I use the iOS app to listen to podcast so I'm listening to the ad version. It would be a pain to get the ad free version and the ads aren't that bad.

#87 Edited by myketuna (1782 posts) -

Can you subscribe to the ad-free one on iTunes? Or do I need to invest in a podcast program or something?

#88 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2519 posts) -

I don't really mind them since so many of the other podcasts I'm listening to have advertisements as well.But since I'm actually paying for premium membership they may as well be ad-free because I already payed for that shit.

#89 Posted by Andorski (5459 posts) -

Listening to the podcast with ads because 1) the ad-supported podcast gets released first and 2) so far all the ads have been damn funny.

#90 Posted by super2j (2060 posts) -

I enjoyed the riffing that they do with the ads, but I hear about Square space and audible a million times over in other podcasts. I enjoyed it but it really started to rub me the wrong way.

#91 Edited by mrcraggle (2103 posts) -

At first I was really thrown off to the point where I thought it was a goof but nope. That said, I find them pretty hilarious, especially the 2nd ad where they seem to just fuck around with it. As long as they talk about the product, mention the name and the code, I guess they're free to say what they want. It's the same way as MBMBaM where I always want ads for Extreme Restraints dot com but it seems they are no longer doing those ads and are now Hulu plus which isn't nearly as funny.

#92 Edited by thebunnyhunter (1513 posts) -

Seeing how i cant subscribe to the premium feed in doubletwist it means im in for the ads, which i really dont mind at all

#93 Edited by Bollard (6334 posts) -

As getting the ad-free version will mean changing the RSS feed I subscribe to on my Podcast app, and I enjoy Jeff's delivery and Vinny's reaction to the adverts, I am more than happy to keep listening to them.

#94 Posted by LandonRobinson (106 posts) -

I find the ads terrific, based entirely on delivery and the surrounding banter

#95 Posted by GiantLizardKing (665 posts) -

Make yo papah boo boo

#96 Posted by Anund (1006 posts) -

I wish they would do the ads at the start of the show only, the interruption half way through ruins the flow of the show a little. That said, I couldn't get the premium feed to work with my podcast app, so I guess I am stuck with the ads regardless.

#97 Edited by TheMasterDS (2400 posts) -

I'm subscribed to both feeds so I listen to one then the other on repeats.

On the Testedcast I hit the big plus 30 seconds because Will Smith is no Jeff Gerstmann.

#98 Posted by devilzrule27 (1241 posts) -

I'm too lazy to sign into giant bomb on my tablet so I just listen to the ad version. They don't bother me.

#99 Posted by TurboMan (8173 posts) -

More ads.

#100 Posted by EchoEcho (840 posts) -

The McElroy brothers need to hook the guys up with Extreme Restraints.