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My specific problem is that when I get to the Bombcast index, neither of the RSS, download, or subscribe to iTunes buttons work. For my computer, they're just static images. Also, the bombcast isn't up in my feeds. Can anyone please post a download link or provide technical support?

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I'm having the same problem too. Should I be using a different browser other than IE?

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I'll try in Firefox and see what I get.

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Okay, the "links" were still dead in Firefox, but a "play" button showed up on the page, so now I can at least listen to the Bombcast.

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To solve this problem, when you go to the main Giant bomb home page, in the left hand side with the Ad for the bombcast, is an RSS button, click that, and then right click and save the mp3 on your computer from the RSS page.

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^ Yes, what Togechu64 said. I was having the same problem for a long time, and I don't use iTunes, so I was scrambling for a way to hear the podcast. Thankfully I found it.

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Woo Whooo! thank you  Togechu64 =]

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Yeah, the Bombcast page seems broken, but the RSS feed linked on the front page works.

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yeah..i had to wait for it to come up on the RSS feed..the download button didn't work