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Am I crazy or did someone I think it was last year post a site that ran a script that randomly picked a bombcast for you? I know I remember seeing this and I tried to search for it but the forum search yielded no results.

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Could be this, but it hasn't been updated since October of last year. Not sure if the random link will reach further than what is shown on that site.

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@rjayb89: Ah ha yeah that was it! Sucks that it only goes back to last year though but oh well.

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I made a new one! This one works with the RSS feed (it fetches it every time you open the site, so it shouldn't go out of date) and I think it works pretty well. It uses the Google Feed API, so I hope that API is not linked to Google Reader, or else I'm gonna have to redo some stuff once they take that down. I'm not a 100% sure if it fetches every podcast until the first one, gonna have to do some testing tomorrow (I basically made this in a few hours, no elaborate testing went into this).

Here's the link: wambo.at

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That's pretty cool! Thanks for the work!

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Okay, just found out that the Google Feed API at most gets 250 items from one feed and not all of them, so that means that there's currently only the podcasts from somehwere in 2009 until now in there. When I get home I'll look at using some other API.