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I've been wondering for awhile what gear Giant Bomb uses for the recording of the podcast. What mics, what mixer, etc.  I'm always surprised by how good this podcast sounds compared to a bunch of other podcasts that I listen to that it would be nice to know what equipment/programs and what not are used..

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Sorry, that's classified information.

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Sorry, I guess you have nothing to do with the Bombcast... thanks for NOT wasting any time...
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Mics - Audio-Technica AT3035 condenser mics
Mixer - M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB (OLD), Some real-ass mixer I don't know (NEW).
Program - Garage Band 
If you are just gonna record a podcast, something like a cheap-ass Behringer mixer should be fine; if it has phantom power though.

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@ThePhantomnaut:  Thanks. I don't wish to record my own. I'm currently doing my Bacholors in Audio Engineering and was curious as to what they use.
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I have a podcast (in Brasil) and i will try to use the same set GB uses. There are great podcasts in Brazil, with amazing sound quality, but i like the way their voices sound on bombcast.