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Did anyone hear them talk about being close to the podcasts you listen to and mention Ryan Davis thanks to a fellow Bombcast/Sklarbro listener write a letter on this weeks Sklarbro Country?! I thought that was great and it is good to know there are other crossover Bombcast/Sklar listeners. It is great to always hear about how much even short interactions can affect you with people. I just thought it was really great that not only did someone write in to them to talk about it, but that they read it and talked about those things that help you through life and how grateful we are for the things everyone puts out there.

For those interested this is Ep 157 and it's at around 57 minutes in:

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A link to the episode would be appreciated.

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I just spent 3 minutes trying to pronounce "Sklarbro"

took me a while to come to terms with that 'L'

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The Sklars are amazingly funny and so goddamn nice in person.

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I thought you were talking about that FOX news show for a minute there.

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That was really sweet. I know Ryan was a big fan of the Sklar bros so he definitely would have gotten a kick out of this.

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Wow, it's been ages since I last listened to Sklarbro Country, they're definitely two of my favorite standups. I had no idea that the Sklar brothers and Ryan were even peripherally aware each other.

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Ah, that's really cool. I haven't listened to Sklarbro Country in a while, so thanks for the heads-up.