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Like many others, this now blasts from my phone when someone calls me. Great work!

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This is great. Hope to hear it on next week's Bombcast.

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That's musical excellency at it's peak.

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so good! that is my new ringtone haha

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This is so awesome! Well done!

@philedius said:

That's musical excellency at it's peak.

#106 Posted by Trilogy (2692 posts) -

It was meant to be.

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Congratulations, you've made next season's Bombcast theme. I mean, I hope, because if not, I'm outta here.

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Well that was absolutely the best thing to happen to me today.

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Nice, that's actually pretty good.

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haha unbelievably good

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Would like it more if they DID what they should have done and gave Saints Row the Third Game of the Year God damn it to hell! But yeah this is awesome!

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nailed it. nailed the fuck out of it.

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I just wanted to break bottles when I heard this!

#114 Posted by WolfHazard (494 posts) -

You are a god among men

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How am I just not hearing this. It is incredible.

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Blew it up! I'm out bro

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Boom. That's pretty good.

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I've been listening to this over and over every time I need a study break.

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I'm aware it may be too late at this point, but can we get a 3-hour Saints Row spoilercast just to use this theme?

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I would love to respond to you all individually without looking like some insane person, but thanks so much for all your positive feedback. Its really great to see so many of you like this =) Also I am honoured it is gracing phones as ringtone material!

The funny thing about this Saints Row 3 song is that it's just some thing you can buy out somewhere. They used the exact song in commercials for NBA games (can't remember if it was ESPN or TNT) .

Yeah its by APM music who do music licensing. The track is called "Bad Bad Man". I imagine royalty costs might get expensive if they charged on a per use basis. If the bomb crew were so inclined there is a chance this could be used provided the costs weren't astronomical and APM would allow the track to be modified as I have done.



Have you considered a slightly dirtier sound synth line for your GB melody? Right now it sounds a little.. out of place (imo). I mean, sounds great, don't get me wrong(!), but I think you should lean into the dirty synth vibe of the SR beat and give in to it.

Either way, totally awesome man. Big ups!

Ooooh crits! I had toyed with the idea of using a dirtier synth for the Bombcast melody, but I wanted to give it that mid-nineties hip hop vibe so I gave it more of a "Gin and Juice" sound. I wanted it to stick out a little so you could pick it out as "hey that's the bombcast theme" rather than it blending in with the rest of the mix.

@selbie said:

Tricaster Jeff is pleased with your offering...

Ahahaha! the highest of accolades. Dat face.

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I'd buy that for money. MONEY. Wait, with money. WITH MONEY.

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User created Bombcast themes/jingles should be a thing.

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This will play at my funeral.

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I feel like Jeff is going to really dig this...

I like the new bombcast these a lot, but this one is amazing, too. They should use this one after the current one wears itself out.

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I mean....... good job man

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This is fucking fantastic. Great work, man.

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Holy hell that's awesome!

Get that in the hands of the bombcast, stat!

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How did I miss this? Excellent work.

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So bad, so good?

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That was sick mate, good work.

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@steparnicus: THIS IS SO FUCKING DOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!!! Amazing job!!!!!

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Well...is there anythig left to say?! This is incredible duder!

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That sounded so Bombcast that I was fully expecting to hear "Hey everybody it's TUESDAY" at the end. And I had a reptilian impulse to put giant, deep-dish rims with low-profile tires on something the instant I heard it.

There are probably licensing issues or something preventing them from actually using it, but those of you that are stuck on the idea can just skip the first ~30 seconds of the podcast and listen to this instead.

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i like.

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Awesome! Maybe a better fit for the Giant Bomb radio show?


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Wow.. that was amazing!

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Wow, that is fantastic.

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wheres the download link so i can make this my ring tone FOREVER?

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This is friggin fantastic.

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Dear God, how did I not see this sooner?! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

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Yeah man! I really enjoyed it! Good work

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@andorski said:

You are doing the lord's work, good sir.

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This is incredible.

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Way radder than I imagined. Nice job!

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This is great. I totally agree that they should make this the new themesong.

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Can't get enough of this.

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If there was ever proof that no one reads the posts by the community, I think this thread is it. Now to be fair maybe I somehow missed it, but I've never heard any reference to this song anywhere on the cast or in videos.

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@itsajackal: I'm assuming you mean no-one from the crew? I know that someone tweeted it to Ryan fairly shortly after it was posted (and thanks for that whoever you are!) and he RT'ed it so he's at least seen it. Also, I sent the Dumptruck theme I made to Patrick recently and he took the time to comment on it at least. So I would say they do engage with the community to an extent, but maybe not to the point of trawling through the site for content, which I probably wouldn't expect anyway.

This post is also on the community spotlight so it's certainly had its due. While it would be awesome to hear it, or at least some reference to it on the podcast or in a video I'm sure all the icky licensing issues would become a major consideration. Or youknow, maybe they just don't think its that cool...

To be honest, the overwhelmingly positive response I've had from the community from this is more than enough to make me happy!