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Poll: Should there be two podcasts now? (687 votes)

Yes! I need more Bombcast! 77%
No thank you, one is plenty. 23%

I love the Bombcast, but I miss having Vinny give his opinion and musings.

I think they should make two podcasts. The normal Bombcast and the other: Bombcast East - with Vinny, Alex, and Patrick. What do you think? Any possibility of this happening?

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@hunter5024 said:

I hope Vinny ends up in some sort of audio content, because unlike videos I always have time for that.

This. I listen to podcasts at work and while videos are great, I don't have as much time for them as I would like. I've never missed a Bombcast, but rarely catch the AM show in its entirety. I know the AM show has an audio upload, too but...well, remember when Vinny took the lead chair at the Bombcast and he added all these effects and had Patrick swearing up and down that Microsoft wouldn't cut the Kinect? That's the type of shenanigans I'd like to hear again. He was great when he moderated the Gamespot podcast, too. Listen to a few of those old ones if you can find them.

Oh, and I think Drew is doing a great job now that he's a regular on Bombcast Original.

Yeah, the Vinnycasts were epic and a nice change of pace. I don't care if Vinny Skypes in the Bombcast proper or joins Scoops and Wolf...I just want him on an audio podcast.

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Make Bombin the AM 1 podcast on Friday (why is there one on Monday?!?) and add Vinny to it.