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My copy of Banjo Kazooie has Brad's "Best 360 Exclusive" proudly displayed on it, but that was from quite some time ago, and while GB has gotten bigger and better, and now is in the Gamespot family, I think the guys should give out more serious awards worthy of acclaim to the game makers themselves. Being picked by GB is no less significant than being picked by the VGA's, its just the issue of acclaim, these guys are veterans of the biz since '96 and maybe only the remaining print mags have critics who've reviewed more games-- publishers just aren't left with much to spruce up for a game cover. Even the positive awards this year had a bit of tongue and cheek in them. It's great that they do shit like "Best Use of Dubstep in a Tabletop RPG" or "Soulja Boys Favorite Pokemon of 2012" but I think they should be giving out more awards that match what standard game sites and mags do.

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There aren't enough console exclusives to justify it these days.

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at the end of the day GOTY awards are pretty meaningless. I mean how many people really buy a game cause an IGN or Gamespot award logo is slapped on the cover? i got more interesting info about games from the GOTY podcasts, that's what got me to buy X-COM not it being GOTY.

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I dunno.. hate harping on this but this site has sorta gotten too niche to really warrant any kind of recognition like that. Any award coming out of GB will be so heavily loaded with personal opinion that it's pretty much worthless without the context.