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Poll: Should Vinny always host the bombcast? (1462 votes)

Yes 50%
No 7%
Jeff should usually host 29%
Let Brad host it! 14%

After this week's episode I think I always want Vinny to host the bombcast. What say you?

#51 Posted by seanvail99 (142 posts) -

Vinny should be perma-host.

I think Jeff podcasts would be better appreciated if they were only once in a while. They're kind of all over the place but great things sometimes emerge (numbers station bit).

Vinny brings real hosting skills that keep the show rolling, much like the great Ryan Davis. Jeff is better suited jumping in and out telling stories etc.

#52 Posted by Nightriff (6225 posts) -

Vinny is fantastic and crazy and its awesome. Jeff does a wonderful job but he isn't on the level of V Dog.

#53 Posted by JBG4 (673 posts) -

Vinny seems to control the flow a bit better.

#54 Posted by Korwin (3329 posts) -

Host rotation could be amusing, Vinny's work on the ones he hosted over the past few weeks has been just... well kind of fucking amazing :P

#55 Posted by chocolaterhinovampire (1439 posts) -

Mix it up

#56 Posted by captain_clayman (3347 posts) -

Maybe switch off, I'd say keep Jeff as the primary host, but have Vinny every once in a while to mix it up.

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I see it this way: When Ryan hosted, I always looked forward to a Jeffcast because it was a rare thing and I always found his use of the old music/not give a fuck-ness pretty funny. Now that Jeff is the host, I can look forward to Vinnycasts for their use of silly music and that awesome Bombcast theme masshup.

So, I think having Vinny be the backup host is fine. It's like a nice gift when he gets a chance to host.

The real question is "Do we want Brad Muir to be the 5th regular on the Bombcast?", and the answer is yes.

#58 Posted by khopps17 (55 posts) -

Vinny should always EDIT the podcast.

#59 Posted by DaemonBlack (354 posts) -

Vinny is way better at keeping things on topic and focused. Jeff is hilarious and much more so when he isn't doing the majority of the talking, so yeah I think Vinny should always host.

#60 Posted by TobbRobb (5039 posts) -

Having Brad host once would be a cool change of pace. I doubt he wants to though.

Otherwise I prefer having Jeff as the main host in general with the odd surprise coup every once in a while.

#61 Posted by Zelyre (1366 posts) -

No. It's a bit like saying, "Should I have ice cream for breakfast every day?"

In paper it sounds great! Who doesn't love ice cream? Until one day, after your ice cream breakfast, you throw it all up. Then every time you smell and see ice cream, you think of the time you threw up. Then you want nothing to do with ice cream.

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@hunter5024 said:

And I actually would like to see Brad take a crack at it some time.

Break music every 20 minutes!!! \o/

Here's maybe a more salient poll: Jeff Earlycast every week, or Latenite Vinnycast? How much does the community value production and musical interludes over instant gratification?

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I first I thought Jeff was the best until Vinny hosted.

Dat editing, yo

@49th said:

No, they will stop being special and awesome.

Yeah this would be my main concern if he did it frequently.

#64 Edited by TooWalrus (13325 posts) -

I just finished this weeks podcasts and god damn, all of that music and overall editing was great. I'm not sure he could keep it up every week- or should he, because he SEEMS like the busiest guy at Giant Bomb. I'm happy if this is a rare treat. He even seems to have his own theme music.

#65 Posted by RecSpec (4576 posts) -

You can't have Egg Nog all year, you'd kill yourself.

#66 Edited by mlarrabee (3209 posts) -

Ryan was a great host because he kept the reins tight while still keeping it fun. Jeff lets the horses run a bit more freely.

Vinny would use the reins as whips, and we'd all exhaust our energy and enthusiasm quickly.

Keep it special.

#67 Posted by Deusx (1938 posts) -

Not voting, both Jeff and him bring different things to each bombcast. They are both incredible.

#68 Posted by JaredA (842 posts) -

Jeff should be the host, but Vinny should be the host when he is out.

#69 Edited by drowsap (701 posts) -

I think Jeff should host but Vinny should always edit the podcast because god dam he is a god of editing lol

#70 Edited by Oddish (8 posts) -

I don't really care who's hosting but whoever is responsible for the horrible editing/sound effects/music in the last Bombcast should never be allowed in the building again.

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How about leave it up to them to decide and stop making annoying polls about it.

#72 Posted by psylah (2272 posts) -

Host? No.

Produce? Yes.

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#74 Posted by Sabata (829 posts) -

Fuck yes he should. He is great at on the fly music during the Bombcast.

#75 Posted by isomeri (1734 posts) -

Let them take turns. It'll keep things nice and fresh because I bet that even Vinny might start slacking off on the awesome transitions in the long run.

#76 Posted by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

I just want one single 'cast hosted by Brad, just to get a taste for it.

#77 Posted by cthomer5000 (984 posts) -

I love Jeff's cool laid-backness on live streams but the podcast in my opinion benefits from the energy that Vinny brings as a host.

You nailed it. We all love the off-topic conversations, but to paraphrase a former co-worker of mine, "it's fun and exciting if a show bounces off the guard-rails, but you don't want the fucking thing driving off the road." This was related to radio and listener requests, but i think it applies here.

Ryan was pretty adept at steering the show (only very occasionally too forcefully). Jeff on the other hand just lets the shit spin out of control. Vinny feels like a middle ground, and I think it would be refreshing to have Vinny focus on that a bit since it already seems like he's taken a step back from live video production. I think it might also be a relief to Jeff and actually help him bring a bit more energy to the show. I think he's an incredibly compelling personality (Jeff) but can at times be a bit too jaded to be a guy running things. It's why he was such a perfect combination with Ryan actually, but it doesn't work great as a solo act.

#78 Posted by soulcake (414 posts) -
Loading Video...

For those not knowing. Vinny had media training !

#79 Posted by fetchfox (1449 posts) -

I vote for occasional Vinny and Jeff as main host. That rare and special Vinny experience should stay rare. Don't mess with the order man.

#80 Posted by Evilsbane (5020 posts) -

@soap said:

@mattyftm said:

Vinny is a great host, but it'd lose something if it was every week. It's best when it's just a rare surprise.

Exactly this.

Wheres this answer?

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Vinny is a fantastic host, if only for the fact that he seems to give a shit about production/structure.

#82 Posted by TooWalrus (13325 posts) -

Did I just hallucinate last night's podcast? Vinny's editing is fantastic. I'd prefer it stay a special treat, it probably took a bunch of work and I don't want to give up the dumb grin I get on my face when the Bombcast music plays and it's Vinny's special remix.

#83 Posted by Jimbo (10181 posts) -

I don't listen so much nowadays, but I've always thought they should mix it up. Not so much to improve the hosting but just so that everybody gets to be 'not host' more often than not.

Has Brad ever hosted one?

#84 Posted by ShaggE (7101 posts) -

No, I love Vincasts, but like others have said, it's a great occasional treat.

#85 Posted by thomasnash (647 posts) -

I think it would be cool to have all of them doing it on rotation. Maybe even with guest hosts sometimes or some shit.

#86 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4239 posts) -

I love Vinnycasts.

I think ideally they would just trade more often. Even if it was 3 Jeffs for 1 Vinny that would be awesome. Vinny's amazing production might get tired (or he might get tired of it) if he had to do it every single episode.

#87 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3504 posts) -

I love Vinny but I think Jeff is the best host out of all of the ones we've had. I think that might come from Jeff being my favorite bomber though?

#88 Posted by Strife777 (1716 posts) -

No. Otherwise, they will simply become usual, they will lose their "specialness". His hosting is on par with Jeff's or Ryan's.

His production on the other hand, is simply stellar. But you know, that is his job after all.

Also, I wouldn't want him overworked. I'd rather have him use some of that time for other things, only doing the podcast perhaps once a month.

#89 Posted by iceman228433 (657 posts) -

I think that the VinCast can not be contained.

#90 Posted by shatteringlast (268 posts) -
@jimbo said:

I don't listen so much nowadays, but I've always thought they should mix it up. Not so much to improve the hosting but just so that everybody gets to be 'not host' more often than not.

Has Brad ever hosted one?

I bet that'd be a good way to keep him from falling asleep on the casts.

#91 Posted by Wikitoups (1000 posts) -

@soap said:

@mattyftm said:

Vinny is a great host, but it'd lose something if it was every week. It's best when it's just a rare surprise.

Exactly this.

Triple This

#92 Posted by Superkenon (1554 posts) -

I think I share the sentiment that the Vincasts are super awesome, and for that reason I want them to stay a special, occasional thing.

At the same time, while both are outstanding at it, I think hosting is more Vinny's strength than it is Jeff's. That is to say, I think Vinny really shines as a moderator who's steering and managing the conversation, while Jeff is at his best when he's not trying to check himself.

Maybe the Radiolab sensibilities don't need to be weekly, but I'd argue that perhaps Host Vinny should...!

#93 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3504 posts) -

The more I think about the idea of Brad hosting the more I like it.

#94 Posted by NMC2008 (1248 posts) -

Let Alexis & Matt host, it'll be a six man tag match.

Alexis & Matt vs Vinny & Brad vs Jeff & Drew with guest ref Dave S.

#95 Edited by Demoskinos (16221 posts) -

Nope. I love Vinny but I want Vinnycasts to stay special and if we constantly get them then they are no longer going to be special!

#96 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1622 posts) -

Vinny should host every now and then because I don't need music during conversations every week. Last time he did that it was funny, this time it just artificially lengthened some conversations (the one with Patrick) and just made the podcast longer than it actually was.

#97 Posted by ElixirBronze (468 posts) -

I like the idea of Brad hosting the bombcast if only because of how funny and awkward he becomes whenever he's put on the spot.

#98 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@milkman: Nah. I just don't find Jeff an entertaining podcast host and prefer Vinny.

#99 Posted by FLStyle (5469 posts) -

I didn't appreciate the high amount of all the random tracks Vinny was playing.

#100 Posted by SeanCoughing (279 posts) -

I enjoy Vinny as a host but I didn't like the music either, especially during Patricks segment.