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Poll: Should Vinny always host the bombcast? (1462 votes)

Yes 50%
No 7%
Jeff should usually host 29%
Let Brad host it! 14%

After this week's episode I think I always want Vinny to host the bombcast. What say you?

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Mix it up, Brad should also do it sometimes.

#102 Posted by YetiAntics (1520 posts) -

I'd say once a month. Like, the last tuesday of each month should go to Vinny.
With that said, It would be great if Jeff placed the proper jingles (WBP, News, Emails) and intro song in post.

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Vinny is a great host. But so is Jeff. I'm happy either way.

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@insane_shadowblade85: Yeah the music interrupting Patrick every couple minutes was incredibly frustrating. Agreed it was funny last time but man, that was rough.

Just let him talk, duder!

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Man I love the Vinny bizarro casts. The editing with Patrick talking was a bit overkill, I would like it if he played the music live... but it's so much fun than when Jeff hosts it. Jeff sounds so jaded, and bored out of his frickin' mind which spreads to the rest of the cast.

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I think they should create a new podcast that Vinny hosts and does production for. Not sure what it would be about, but I could see that being the best outcome for this debate.

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Mix it up, sometimes Vinny hits all the notes, sometimes he doesn't. Vinny excels in post production, adding sound effects, etc. Jeff excels in making obscure jokes and references.

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@jimbo: Brad would be terrible, he can't focus on anything !

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I want to know how a Brad-run podcast would sound like.

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I'd agree with Vinny hosting once a month or along those lines. That way it still seems a bit special and wouldn't get old.

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I'd agree with Vinny hosting once a month or along those lines. That way it still seems a bit special and wouldn't get old.

This. Also, his overediting would get annoying if he hosted every week.

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@mcfart said:

@irishmarkerhead said:

I'd agree with Vinny hosting once a month or along those lines. That way it still seems a bit special and wouldn't get old.

This. Also, his overediting would get annoying if he hosted every week.

I would think he wouldn't overedit if he always hosted or even hosted once a month. He hosts on average maybe twice every 3 or 4 months and that's why he goes bananas on the editing, because it is a rare occurrence when he has the power to add in whatever he wants.

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Would it sound insane to see how regularly rotating the hosts would go?

We know that with Jeff we get obscure pop culture jokes that are funny enough without context, and with Vinny we get the podcast equivalent of a sugar rush, but maybe we could see how it would go with the other guys at the helm too.

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I am happy being surprised every time I listen to a new Giantbomb. Jeff's are good, clean, and simple, while Vinnie's are wonderful at almost mocking NPR, lots of music and edits.

I can only imagine what it would be like with Drew hosting, or even Brad...

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I think Vinny's a flat out better host. So I would like it. Jeff was fun to mix it up every once in a while when Ryan was the regular host and he's an ok host, but Ryan and Vinny just seem better. I think they should give it a try for a bit at least.

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Like any other special move, you can't drop the V-bomb until the power meter's full. Or whatever, polls like this feel weird and unfriendly.

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Vinny 4-Life!!!!

His shows are more entertaining and it just seems like he's more involved.

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I really like it when Vinny hosts a bombcast. They always have such an ironic and satirical feel to them thanks to the music and special effects. That's why I don't want him to do it every week. If he added them every week I'm fairly certain that that effect would lessen and lessen until it was no longer there. The Bombcast would become what it was originally making fun of. That wouldn't be cool.

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I hate all the music and background shit in this weeks episode.

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I hate all the music and background shit in this weeks episode.

Go stomp on some kittens or something since you seem to hate awesome things.

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I don't want to come off as being mean to Jeff, but he has always worked best as the belligerent background guy who chimes in between the hosts and lays down some hot jokes. My absolute favorite Jeff moments have come from him as the guy who doesn't have to worry about hosting and can just roll. When he does have to host though just because of his style it's very sloppy, and slow and kind of drags the whole show down a bit to his "host speed", and his host speed isn't very fun, not to mention Jeff LOVES to indulge maybe my least favorite moments of the Bombcast ever, when the whole crew talks about some old arcade tech or some sort of coding or something and I'm so bored I want my brains to melt out of my ears. Stuff like that hurts the show, and makes me consider skipping weeks.

Vinny on the other hand is the perfect host. He explodes out the gate with a kind of energy and enthusiasm the bombcast has always defined itself with, and you can tell he learned a lot of stuff from Ryan about pacing, keeping the show on track, keeping it interesting and preventing it from falling into boring pitfalls. Even the recent woodworking tangent, fucking WOODWORKING for crying out loud, remained fun and engaging because of the way he lead the conversation. Once again, this is no offense to Jeff, but I don't think his heart is in leading the podcast, and I don't think it's where he does his best work either.

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They should get Rich Gallup to quit his job and abandon his current life to come back and host the Bombcast. He's really the only person I know of that can fill Ryan's shoe's. I loved his hosting way back in the day.The problem is that Ryan and Rich were very charismatic and nice people, so they made incredible hosts, and I love Jeff, Vinny, and Brad, but their hosting abilities don't even compare.

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Vinny is clearly a fan of This American Life and seeks to emulate that particular tone when possible.

I approve of this.

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Oh god YES!! A thousand time yes

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I think the Vinny style would overstay its welcome if it was a weekly thing. Once a month sounds like a good balance.

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I like variety. Vinny is great host. Jeff is too. And Drew. When only one person hosts for long stretches of time, it does get a little bit formulaic. Variety is the spice. :)

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Every couple of weeks yeah. He's great at it but I love when Jeff hosts, he seems more engaged.

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This weeks podcast was a mess. I actually got annoyed and frustrated at parts of it.

That really interesting EVE story Patrick was telling was completely ruined by the constant sound effect interruptions and music drowning him out for half of it. Then there was the full 2-3 minute long songs for NO reason that just grind the podcast to a complete halt. It's a song thats not particularly relevant to anything. That's not a joke. Thats not funny. It's annoying.

I don't know how anyone could think playing sound effects and music while people are talking is funny / cute / awesome or whatever. It's AWFUL.

I get everyone loves vinny and all that, and sure i like him too. But blindly praising awful choices is just going to make the podcast suck. I haven't been this frustrated with a piece of entertainment since the last adam sandler movie i saw, and thats a very bad thing.

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Host? I'm leaning towards no, but honestly don't see a real difference in Vinny or Jeff hosting segment or discussion-wise.

Editing on the other hand? Definitely a no. Why break the discussion midway with music or play over someone while that person discusses a subject. One of the few interesting discussions they had on the bombcast this week was Eve online, but couldn't make out half of it with the music and explosions going on.

Also, get him away from the soundboard. He's no Fred Norris.

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I'd love to see a rotation of hosts. Matt and Drew would be great and we need more Alexis.

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@clonedzero: Man, do I just have some kind of super hearing or something? I've read all about how Patrick was drowned out, or couldn't be heard, but I heard him just fine.

Yeah, the random pauses in audio for music were weird, but it never detracted from my enjoyment. A few bits were odd, but the rest of it was pretty great.

But then again I usually don't see how people can get as mad/frustrated as they do anyway, kind of like with the GOTY stuff. At least Vinny only hosts once in a while for those who dislike it.

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@soap said:

@mattyftm said:

Vinny is a great host, but it'd lose something if it was every week. It's best when it's just a rare surprise.

Exactly this.

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@capum15: Well i generally listen to the bombcast in the car or while working out, so its not a purely noise free environment. So putting unnecessary music in the backround out of the same sound source is just awful. It added nothing to it and was super distracting and annoying.

It's just crazy that anyone actually liked it. Instead of interesting and funny conversation i got bad annoying morning radio DJ host shit. I'm surprised he didnt start putting fart noises and drum rolls in shit, it was that bad.

#134 Posted by Capum15 (5114 posts) -

@clonedzero: Oh, I suppose the car thing is understandable in that case.

I can see why someone might be annoyed by it, but I still don't really get the frustration/anger though. And it's not that I liked the editing so much as it simply just didn't bother me. It was still three hours of dudes talking about video games and other random stuff to me.

Never thought I'd be interested in hearing people talk about woodworking. Great to have Will and Dave on.

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It would be cool if they all alternated and brought their own bits each week

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Vinny said to keep those crazy delivery story emails coming, Jeff said to stop it. As long as people have interesting stories to tell, Vinny should be hosting the podcast to let them be heard.

Caravella 2014!

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I want to know how a Brad-run podcast would sound like.

Snoring, mostly?

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They should just rotate it every week. I'd love to hear a Brad hosted bombcast!

#139 Posted by RenegadeSaint (1627 posts) -

No, but having him do it occasionally is great.

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Jeff hosted the bombcast when Ryan was sick or on vacation and I always wanted Jeff to host the podcast when Ryan was also available. How about Vinny hosting the bombcast while Jeff is around? I think that would be neat.

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Jeff does fine.

I honestly like Vinny as much as anyone. Plainly speaking, Jeff is to me the consummate pro. I'm not looking for a personality who rocks my socks, I'm looking for the one who knows his trade. Having said that, I do get a royal kick out of Vinny. Everybody about does, isn't that the real point here?

And Brad, Alex, Alexis, Drew, Matt and Pat, you all are good people also. Damn good mix. Vinny is lucky to have you as co-professionals. Bet you he knows that.

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I like the variety and the rarity makes it a pleasant surprise when Vinny does host.

I really like Vinny (his son Max is about 4 months behind my son, so it's been hilarious listening to him deal with baby-related things that I've finally just moved past), and I think that he's been doing an amazing job taking on extra responsibilities over the past year. He's really stepped up and is one of the reasons I finally put my money where my mouth is and subscribed to the site.

Keep up the great work!

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I did like the most recent Vinny hosted podcast, but it just got old 3/4s of the way through. Sound effects are nice and all but it seemed a bit Over produced in my opinion.

#144 Posted by DylanGW (153 posts) -

I just like everyone at giantbomb :)

#145 Posted by DEARPEPTOBISMOL (22 posts) -

Hhheeelllssss no. I love Vinny, but I love Jeff hosting the Bombcast.

#146 Posted by LandonRobinson (106 posts) -

I like when Vinny hosts, because it's a pleasant surprise. Always!

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I love Vinny, of course, but I don't like his podcast editing shenanigans. Jeff's style of hosting and editing leaves nothing to be desired.

#148 Posted by Sprayed_In_Dade (4 posts) -

While the episodes he hosts are funny and ridiculous, (the music samples etc.), I think the humour would wear off if it wasn't for the more structured podcasts from Jeff every week.

It's nice to have a break, but if it was Vinny every week it might get tiring.

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So I think Vinny deserves a round of applause for this week's Bombcast.

#150 Posted by PimblyCharles (1743 posts) -

Who voted to have Brad host it? Shame on you!