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#1 Posted by itspizza (472 posts) -

I love the bombcast like most people but 2 1/2 hours a week doesnt satisfy my podcast needs. I also listen to the screened cast and tested podcast, but i drive apox 15 hours a week and would like more some input on some other pod casts that people listen to. Doesnt have to be video games, I can listen to just about anything but politics. Thanks

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I don't mind Major Nelson, but remember they are of course Xbox fanboys.

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I listen to this every week (cheap ass gamer) its actually a pretty good podcast
the mega64 podcast is somewhat less related because the subject matter is loose kind of like the podcast in some areas, 
but they still talk about games and are still devoted to video games. 
That gives me my video game news fix. I used to listen to more, but it would just turn into the same news over and over. Now I listen to stuff 
like the sporkful for food and the dopefiend for all my weed related news :P both of those are good podcasts to subscribe to. The dopefiend also has a bunch of other shows so if you subscribe to them you will get multiple shows per week. The other podcasts are generally music related, but they're generally good. The dopecast is still my favorite out of their bunch though.  
The dopecasts tend to focus on the political climate of weed in the world so you may not like it as much, but the guy talks about other things. He reads alot of emailed stories from stoners which can be quite interesting sometimes. You might like the other shows they how though like leftys lounge or bb's bungalow. if that interests you in any way of course.
I like to listen to podcasts if you haven't noticed :P This isn't all of the podcasts I listen to either.

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It's not exactly gaming related, but one of my favorite podcasts is " My Brother, My Brother, and Me" hosted by Joystiq.com's Justin McElroy. It's an advice show and it's hilarious.

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Listen to rebel fm, cheap ass gamer and weekend confirmed...

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@acrimsonbullet said:

" I love the bombcast like most people but 2 1/2 hours a week doesnt satisfy my podcast needs. I also listen to the screened cast and tested podcast, but i drive apox 15 hours a week and would like more some input on some other pod casts that people listen to. Doesnt have to be video games, I can listen to just about anything but politics. Thanks "

I have a similar issue, most just due to I use the Podcasts as my primary media consumption. I have a bunch that I love and then some that I'm am not so invested listening religiously but they do have good conversation some times.
Frist look though the twit.tv category and find what ones you will find interesting.

Loved Podcasts:

  • This is only a Test
  • Behind the Screened Door
  • Giant Bombcast
  • Joystiq
  • My bother my brother and me
  • PC Gamer UK and US  


Occasionally or used to listen:

  • The 404
  • The Daily Giz Wiz 
  • The Adam Corrola Podcast 

    Team Fortress podcasts

  • Kritzkast
  • Friendly Fire 


  • GFW radio
  • The 1up Show
  • This Week in Fun
Less News round-table style podcasts are A Life Well Wasted and The VFX Show
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I like Weekend Confirmed. It's Garnett Lee's podcast. A lot, lot more serious than the Bombcast, but I think they do a much better job actually COVERING games. I love the Bombcast, but I never feel like it satisfies my needs for ACTUAL video game discussion. Weekend Confirmed has a good balance I think, though it can get a bit TOO serious in places.
If you're interested in PlayStation, I also like Podcast Beyond and Official PlayStation Magazine UK. Good balance between humour and actual game discussion. Obviously, they are PlayStation only though.

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Listen to the Tested podcast. It's the closest thing you'll get in terms of humor.

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#9 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

IGN Podcast Beyond and IGN Game Scoop 
Sarcastic Gamer podcasts 
Drunk Tank by Rooster Teeth 
Joe Rogan Experience

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I have always enjoyed the Joystiq podcast and Weekend Confirmed

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I like comedy and I'm a fan of Kevin smith, check out Hollywood babble-on and the smodcast. The Adam Carolla show is great. Startalk for those interested in Neil Degrasse Tyson and space. WTF with Marc Maron for interviews with comedians. The moth podcast to hear interesting short stories. This American life is good too. The rest are more political... But if you like history try Dan Carlin's hardcore history.

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I think you found the cream of the crop for podcasts...for me at least. I enjoy the bombcast more than any other podcast I listen too.
Other podcasts I recommend:
Player One Podcast - Pretty funny old EGM guys
Joystiq Podcast - Love love love Justin and Ludwig
Cheap Ass Gamer - Basically poop jokes and I like Shipwreck a lot
Drunk Tank Podcast - Geoff is awesome and Rooster Teeth in general is hilarious
IGN Podcasts (Game Scoop, TRL, Podcast Beyond, etc) - Say what you will about their website, I enjoy their humor
I've heard a lot about Weekend Confirmed so I might go check that out. I loved listening to 1upYours with Garnett back in the day so I'm probably gonna give that a go.

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#13 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1135 posts) -
I personally, also like Talkradar at the gamesradar.com as my other "gaming" podcast to go with the Bombcast.
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#14 Posted by hexx462 (506 posts) -


My Podcast rotation (excluding Giant Bomb)

  • WTF with Marc Maron - ESSENTIAL if you love comedy and great personal interviews. Hunt down the Carlos Mencia two parter, it's utterly fascinating to listen to Mencia try and justify his joke thievery.
  • The Adam Carolla Show: It can be hit or miss at times, but there is almost always 5 episodes a week and it can get be hilarious at times.
  • Tested. If you like Giant Bomb and love tech there’s no reason not listen to this.
  • The /Filmcast, very fun movie podcast. Half of the appeal is listening to how charmingly awkward host David Chen can be. The film discussion is generally top notch or at least interesting.
  • Filmspotting: Generally serious movie discussion but quite insightful.
  • Comedy Death Ray Radio: Essentially a playground for comics to do off the wall impersonations and characters, extremely funny.
  • IFC News: A very different film podcast than the norm, they tend to discuss older movies and its definitely made me pile on films into my Netflix queue.
  • The Nerdist w/Chris Hardwick. Hardwick takes a little time to get used to, but it’s a great mish mash of comedy and geek discussion.
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#15 Posted by Moth_Pope (493 posts) -

This just makes me realise how much I miss Idle Thumbs. :( Aside from the Bombcast that's the only one I'd listen to, as it was just as funny and informative. I recommend their back catalogue if you haven't heard any of them. Brad features on one of the episodes.
Otherwise, cheers for the other links guys. I'll also check some of these out.

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If you like the Giant Bombcast, you might also enjoy Sprint Master.

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There is nothing quite like the Bombcast. And anything that attempts to be falls on its face. Weekend Confirmed is a good companion piece to the Bombcast. It's more serious and has a heavier focus on news and industry trends. It can get up its own ass, but usually it's really good.

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I imagine like me you enjoy the bombcast for all the laughs, and the only other podcast I've found as much of a riot is "Jay & Silent Bob Grow Old". Enjoying the movie Clerks is the only prerequisite, and it's like that movie very raunchy.

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#19 Posted by Jazz (2351 posts) -
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#20 Posted by ViktorWithAK (31 posts) -

Other podcasts I listen to are:
My brother my brother and me- Hilarious, probably my most anticipated podcast to listen to each week
4Player Podcast- They won the podcast awards for the second year in a row now, great gaming podcast
Podcasts I occasionally listen to are the joystiq podcast, Behind the screened door, Drunk Tank, and some others.

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#21 Posted by WickedCestus (3781 posts) -

Gamespot presents The Hotspot is actually really good. I know people don't really like Gamespot anymore, but there are still some funny-ass guys over there.

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#22 Posted by RWL_MU_OSU (124 posts) -

Hear, Hear to Rebel Fm!

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#23 Posted by I_love_Eva_Braun (504 posts) -

I recommend the Epic Battle Cry

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#24 Posted by ErrorOperator (480 posts) -

I try not to listen to all gaming podcasts since hearing the same opinions of a game and the same news can get pretty boring, so I also reccomend the TV.com UK Podcast, IGN UK's podcast and This is Only a Test!

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I know there is some anti-IGN feeling but I don't really care when it comes to the podcasts because they are completely listenable.
So my rotation is: 
Behind the screened door,
Rebel FM
Three red lights.
Game Scoop!
Weekend Confirmed.
Epic Battle Cry. 
And sometimes podcast beyond.

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#26 Posted by MrGerbils (4 posts) -

not enough love for Weekend Confirmed in here, so I'll add a lil more. 
Nerdist is pretty great too. Kinda like Bombcast meets WTFpod.

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#27 Posted by TomA (2787 posts) -

Outlandish Podcast. Yes it's a World of Warcraft podcast but the last half hour or so of every show is the 3.5 segment. Where they talk about off topic things. And really episode 100-128 they don't talk much WoW at all, they all got bored of it and half the 1.5-2 hour show isn't about WoW at all. Also, every 10 episodes they have an entire 3.5 show. These are the .5 shows fyi.

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#28 Posted by litrock (172 posts) -

TalkRadar is the only other gaming podcast I listen to anymore.  Another vote also for the /Filmcast.  

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If you play World of Warcraft, you can find "The Instance" on iTunes too, it's pretty good i think. 

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I really enjoyed listening to Weekend Confirmed, the new podcast by Garnet Lee. It is way more serious than the bombcast but it is still kinda funny at spots

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I recommend TalkRadar. It's crude but lovingly made and the hosts are all very funny and passionate about what they do. It's extremely underrated imo

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Here's a couple I enjoy:
Gamerdork -An English and Scottish guy present, good combination of humour and discussion.
VGN Video Game News  - Honestly this can be so tentatively connected to video games its hilarious, 4 - 5 guys who basically discuss there lives and use the podcast as a support group, worth listening to the older ones and the satellite shows.
IGN - Got to be said, they produce some pretty funny podcasts. 
Digital Cowboys - UK podcast, pretty good conversational and interview podcast, although they do get on my tits quite often.
Do not listen to Major Nelson or 'Major Douchebag' as I call him, some of the worst droning you could ever subject yourself to, for the record don't listen to anything that is just marketing by a different name.

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#33 Posted by HubrisRanger (515 posts) -

Would have sworn I posted in here already. Oh well, here's some suggested listening:
The Other Whiskey Podcasts: The best in the bidness.
Weekend Confirmed: Garnett Lee basically invented the format for the gaming podcast as we know it. His (god-damn) shows are always entertaining, informative and good conversation/argument starters.
Totally Rad Show: Includes Jeff Canatta of the above Weekend Confirmed. It has a certain off-the-cuff casualness that might be familiar to Bombcast listeners.
House To Astonish: Not a gaming podcast, but far and away my favorite that I listen to. Bi-weekly comic book show done by two very down-to-earth Scotsman, made up of comic book news, three reviews of noteworthy books and then "The Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe", wherein they pick a Z-list Marvel character and then try to "refresh it" for modern audiences (often to comic effect, though occasionally they actually pitch a book I'd love to read.) The related blog (which is Paul O'Brien's comic book, pop music and wrestling articles) is also recommended reading, though it (like the podcast) is sparingly updated.

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#34 Posted by Raiden361 (15 posts) -

If you enjoy Behind the Screened door and want another movie podcast - i'd recommend the Film Junk Podcast. Goes for over 2 hours usually and is really good/funny, similar to behind the screened door; good source for Movie info but they don't take things too seriously.

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#35 Posted by DonutFever (4031 posts) -

Weekend Confirmed, GameSpy Debriefings and SModcast.

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Gaming: Bombcast 
                Weekend Confirmed 
                Rebel FM (sometimes, they can get kinda douchy sometimes) 
Comedy: Comedy Death Ray Radio 
                 The Pod F. Tompkast 
                 Doug Loves Movies 
                 Several Smodcast Network shows, but namely Hollywood Babble-On 
Other: Nerdist (Only when he has good guests) 
            Atheist News Podcast (understandably not for everyone. Also, these guys are often out of touch and kinda abrasive, but I have yet to find a better Atheism podcast.) 
That's lotsa hours of podcasting a week, but I drive ALOT for work so I would be lost without them.

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#37 Posted by ninjakiller (3427 posts) -

You want a podcast?  I got a Smodcast.   
Start from episode 1, you won't be disappointed. The evolution of the show as a whole, and more specifically Scott Moser's change to being more out of his shell is fascinating to listen to as it progressed.   I used to listen to it while in the car but had to stop due to laughing so hard that I almost got into an accident.  

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@Moth_Pope said:
" This just makes me realise how much I miss Idle Thumbs. :( Aside from the Bombcast that's the only one I'd listen to, as it was just as funny and informative. I recommend their back catalogue if you haven't heard any of them. Brad features on one of the episodes.  Otherwise, cheers for the other links guys. I'll also check some of these out. "
Oh God this, I really hope there's a 'Back Into Samuel L. Jackson's Arm' arcade machine in Telltale's Jurrassic Park games.
I just listened to the first couple minutes of the latest My Brother, My Brother and Me and the song completely sold me.
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@RWL_MU_OSU said:

" Hear, Hear to Rebel Fm! "

I've totally given up on Rebel FM, especially after the last few episodes (I've listened to them since the 1Up layoffs). I'm fed up with the scatological and torture porn "jokes" and everyone trying to think up the sickest and most offensive shit they can think of to be "funny."  Throw in the most condescending attitude imaginable to everyone who doesn't fit their mold about what a "normal" person should be, and you've got Rebel FM. Not to mention their opinions on everything are as lackluster and vanilla as any fans. There's a reason why these guys were laid off at 1up and now occupy the lowest ladder at IGN.  
My favorite podcast of all time is Idle Thumbs. Nobody has ever come close to making me laugh that hard, and it's the only podcast I've ever downloaded the entire backlog of. Just reading the above post about Samuel L. Jackson's arm was cracking me up :) 
My other favorites besides The Giant Bombcast: 
Podcast Beyond  
It's a shame that 1Up podcasts went downhill. I loved the old 1Up Yours podcast, Retronauts before Jeremy got sick of doing them, and @1Up, which very recently met its demise. Any podcast piloted by Tina Sanchez is garbage, and I never liked Scott Sharkey, although I realize he had a great deal of fans. Give me Garnett Lee and John Davison.  
Thanks for the above recommendations--I'm downloading Weekend Confirmed and This is Only a Test now. 
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#43 Posted by Leptok (982 posts) -

The Bugle is pretty good. John Oliver from the Daily Show and another british comedian. They go on about current events and stuff.

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I don't mind Major Nelson, but remember they are of course Xbox fanboys.
Major Nelson is the devil!

Weekend Confirmed is pretty good, although a bit pretentious.

Rebel FM is decent.
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I'm just going to leave this here......

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My podcast line up is as follows: 
CagCast - Cheapassgamer's podcast. Wombat is either annoying or insanely funny. Shipwreck is the brains, and Cheapy keeps things moving. 
Critical Hit - A Dungeon's and Dragon's podcast. I do not play DND, and I know nothing about it, but these guys generally fall apart midgame anyway.
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - He charges for old episodes (his series on Hannibal was amazing), but the new stuff is free. The way he talks about history is almost like he's reading you a great book.
Giant Bombcast - It's the Bombcast.
Highlands: A Peephole History - Kevin Smith's podcast about Highlands.
Hollywood Babble-On - Kevin Smith's celebrity news/film podcast with Ralph Garman (my personal favorite of the Smodcast podcasts)
How Did This Get Made? - A Podcast that discusses terrible movies that are currently in theaters.
Jay and Silent Bob Get Old - Still a good podcast, but since they're playing at the John Lovitz Comedy Club now, they seem to do more visual gags that don't play on the podcast. (IE: Let Us Fuck!)
Joystiq Podcast - I get tired of Chris Grant going on and on about his Iphone, but Justin's funny in a snotty know-it-all style, and Ludwig is pretty interesting himself.
Live From Smodcastle - Occasional shows recorded at Kevin Smith's podcast studio, the most interesting (imo) being Having Sex With Katie Morgan.
Midwest Wasteland - The guys from VGN would get together and discuss their childhoods and current lives, topics like being broke and crazy ex-girlfriends.
My Brother, My Brother, and Me - This one's hit or miss for me. I don't always listen to the entire episode, but sometimes they're real gems.
Plus One - Kevin Smith's podcast with his wife. It's not quite as funny as some of his other podcasts, but it's interesting all the same.
Smodcast - Kevin Smith's first and main podcast with Scott Mosier. Probably second only to Hollywood Babble-On in terms of off the wall humor. I still chuckle whenever I think about "Forgeticus"
StarCast - I don't like, play, or know much about Starcraft, but this podcast is interesting. Listeners send in tips and strats, and the hosts discuss the Pro-gaming side of Starcraft in depth.
Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! - The podcast of Kevin Smith's childhood friends Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan. These two can be extremely oversensitive and whiny sometimes, but they can also be extremely funny.
This Is Only a Test - Tested.com's podcast
Video Game News Radio - Group of Midwestern guys that listen to hair metal, drive trucks, pay child support, and play video games. Kevin and Brian bicker a lot, and it is very amusing.
Video Game Outsiders - John and Michelle, usually informing us that Kyle couldn't make it this week, host the show. I don't think Michelle really games outside of WoW, but John is passionate about it, and probably clinically insane.
Weekend Confirmed - Garnett Lee's post Listen UP podcast. Brian Leahy just quit Shacknews, so there's no real "hardcore" gamer perspective on the show currently, and Garnett is often preachy and pretentious. That said, show is good.

Those are my weekly podcasts, most of which I feel have a comedic bent. They don't all update every week (Midwest Wasteland, Dan Carlin, Highlands, etc.), but I listen to podcasts for a good five hours a day, and I only run out of new shows during the holidays and such.

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Mega64 podcast is very similar to the Bombcast.  Speaking of which Mega64 X Giant Bomb needs to happen.