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Because you can never have too much Vinny fanservice. #colondee

Let's get this party goin'....

Bombcast3 inspired by "The Ballad of Serenity"

  • Stuff to sell,
  • I need a plan,
  • 'cuz I'm a Small Business Man...
  • Got a deal,
  • to sign up free,
  • if I enter "Bombcast3"...
  • Need a site,
  • need some stamps,
  • at home in my underpants...
  • Lots to do,
  • no time for tea,
  • this wood glue really gets to me...
  • Train my brain,
  • build my site,
  • help me am I doin' rite?...
  • There's no day,
  • I can't carpé,
  • Bombcast helped me find my way....
  • Took their advice,
  • I'm doing swell,
  • Gosh I hope these magnets sell...
  • Burn the ROMs,
  • and boil the bags,
  • Small Business makes riches from rags...
  • if I enter "Bombcast3"....

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Now, give me $8,000.

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Hey, small businessman!

I just realized that there's no business.biz. This needs to be rectified.

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I know they take them out for the subscriber podcasts but I love the Small Businessman ads. I'll never use either service they're advertising but the banter is just great.

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@jesus_phish: You don't have to use 'em, but maybe you know someone who could use 'em. ;)

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yep i have stated before at the very first ad, that i was not sure if i liked there being ads in the podcast and especially not in the middle of it. wven thought i completely understood there reasoning for it. this was before they put up the subscriber version. or at least before i realized the option was there.
but they were so good that they dont really feel like ads more like spoofs. so i have no reason to choose the subscriber version since i enjoy them.

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The ads are almost my favorite part of the cast now. XD

Small business-man!

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I think one of these small business man skits should come to life via giantbomb animated @lackingsaint

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The ads are goofy, and I enjoyed them at first but now I just skip through them. I'll keep downloading the ad-infused podcast though, so Jeff can add one more to the download count, which is the key to selling more ads that will fund our Windjammers Esports League().

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The one where dave lang was an intern was amazing

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Here's the thing, out of all the podcasts that I listen that have ads, the Bombcast is the only one that I look forward to listening to.

I wonder what ever happened to that intern the small business man hired to send out mail...

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I'm not going to lie: the ads for Lumosity totally worked on me. Also not going to lie: all of the ads are great.

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It's only a matter of time until Mr. Smaul Biznusman's tiny local store gets bought out by some soulless corporate giant like VinnCo

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Hey Small Businessman is the new Hey Everybody. And I'm kinda ok with that.

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I love the ads, but I lament the loss of the break theme.

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@brackynews: You know, I do know a small-business man! Maybe he should get onto stamps.com and stop messing about with the post office and rename his intern to "coffee boy"!