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So because of the impending death of Google Reader I switched over to feedly. Which is a pretty great service and seems to be welcoming Reader refugees with open arms. Here is the problem.... I'd like to add the premium movie podcast to my RSS feed on feedly and have no flippin idea how to do it since its behind the premium membership. Can anyone help with this?

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Can you just copy-paste the RSS feed into whatever url thingy they have? I believe we added some code so that external podcast players would pop up a username/password prompt when you used the RSS, but I'm not sure how it works. I don't maintain podcast subscriptions anywhere so I'm a bit behind the curve on how this stuff is supposed to work.

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@rorie: Okay, got it to finally work. Don't know what I was doing wrong before.

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@demoskinos: Out of curiosity, how did you get it working? I tried copy pasting the url into the "Add Content" field, but it says it can't find any feeds.

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I third that what was the solution? Still having problem adding the hd rss to feedly.

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Having the same problem here. I plug the premium rss feed into feedly and it says there is no content.

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Same here

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I initially had the premium podcast feed working in feedly when I started using it (after Google Reader was retired), but it stopped working a few weeks ago. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the premium podcasts require a username and password, which is not supported by feedly. All the other Giant Bomb feeds work fine.