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I use the iOS Podcast app for downloading, organizing and listening to all of my podcasts (I know it's not the best) and I was wondering if it was possible to add premium podcasts through the app using a link somehow. If so, how? If not, what is the best way of getting the premium podcasts on an iPhone? Right now I am downloading them and putting them in a dropbox folder - not the best because it doesn't necessarily remember the timecode for where I left off like the Podcast app does.


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I just went to the podcast page in Safari and clicked the RSS Feed button. It launched the podcast app and added the latest episode.

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@gvalo I believe he's talking about the movie and wrestling podcasts.

I know the Dumptruck has a feed but that's also not a premium podcast...If I had to guess, there's no easy work around for this other than downloading the MP3 because most premium podcast models I know involve archival apps acting as locked gates to that content, which Giant Bomb doesn't have.

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Yea, right now I have the Bombcast, Dumptruck, and Scoops and the Wolf podtcast all in the app. It's nice because they download automatically when they become available. Was looking namely to add the Box Office Bomb and Powerbomb to the app but I guess there really is no way to do it.

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@nodima: Yeah I know... I have them on my iPod..

edit: Try being logged into your account on the website on your iOS device and going to giantbomb.com/podcasts/premium/

I remember Rorie saying something about podcast apps would require you to sign in to authenticate that you are a subscriber but I never had to.

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You can't, because it'd be public (and therefore freely available) if they used the normal RSS/iTunes method.

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Thanks guys. I actually got it to work by imputing the RSS link into the "search" field at the top of the podcast app. All subscribed to the premium podcasts now. I guess it worked because I was signed into the website.

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In case that doesn't work for someone the way I did it was by going into iTunes (on your computer) and by accessing the File menu by pushing alt. From there go to Subscribe to Podcast and put the link to the RSS feed in. Sync the podcast and they should be in there.

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this doesn't seem to work for me on my iphone. tapping the rss feed link in mobile safari loads the podcast app but i get an error when it tries to add the podcast...

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@atrox: get the app called RSSReader RSSRadio. It will allow you to just drop in the rss link of whatever podcast you want and you can download from there

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I highly Downcast for your iOS podcast listening needs. It costs money, but is totally worth it. Highly reliable, lots of options of when and where it downloads files, iCloud syncing between devices, etc. It handles the premium feeds just fine.

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From my Mac, I went to iTunes (11.1), and then from the app menu, clicked on File > Subscribe to Podcast. A model window appeared to paste the URL in, and so I pasted the URL of the movie RSS feed. It then prompted to enter my giantbomb username and password. It worked.

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What am I missing here? The only RSS link I get is the one in screenshot #2. I'm logged in and shit, dawg.