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Hey guys,

First, hope this is the right place to post this topic. If not, well shit.

Usually I do not use forums, but I loved the GOTY stuff Giant Bomb did this year. So much in fact, I went back and listened to all of their deliberations back to 2008. It is awesome to hear how things were asterisked, shouting matches occurred, and the guest appearances made for an entertaining ride.

Which brings up Mass Effect 3: since it failed to achieve its promise, should they revoke the award? Haha probably not but funny nonetheless.

Another thing I noticed dealt with the placement of Mark of the Ninja and Journey. How can Mark of the Ninja make the top 3 for dlc games, yet get behind Journey which did not make the list? Where is the precedence from the last award?

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Ha! I was totally going to bring this up.

During the 2010 deliberations Brad makes the caveat that if ME3 is dumber than the Human-Reaper baby bit at the end of ME2, he's withdrawing his vote for it as GOTY. I know he had a different experience and has elaborated on it at length, but I wonder what his stance would be had he played it at launch like most other people.

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So I'm not crazy then haha