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It felt good, It finally broke the ice. It finally got it out of my system, it's time to be happy about how amazing ryan was instead of sad that he's gone. That bombcast reassured that giantbomb is still a amazing thing. Going forward I feel giantbomb is going to be even more honest, even more of the "fuck it lets do something" attitude. I think giantbomb is going to be even more outrageous than ever.

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I listened to that podcast twice on the bounce, it's made me feel a lot better about things. Those guys did amazing coming out and doing that when nobody at all assumed they would.

Hats off. I love Giant Bomb. We are a man down but we must continue.

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Yeah it was really good to hear those guys talking about everything. I'm glad they were able to get together. Man when Vinny started breaking up at the end there...needed to stop working for a minute.

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It was a beautiful tribute to an amazing person.

I really dont know how they did it, they're amazingly resilient people.

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We are a man down but we must continue.

perfectly said duder

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Love Giantbomb

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Those last two minutes where so tense you would of heard a pin drop in my room. Glad that Jeff lighten up the mood when he made the emails joke. Thank you guys for doing a podcast yesterday, it meant a lot.

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I love how Ryan was so integral to Giant Bomb that the podcast is also an origin story for everyone coming together.

But yeah, between Drew choking up and Vinny at the end, this is one tough 2hour listen.

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The bombcast made me feel better in every possible way.

Thanks guys.

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Yeah, it made me really sad at parts but ultimately left me with a calm happiness. It really helped me out even if I got a bit teary eyed at work.

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I cried so hard during parts of it. It felt good to release all that pent up emotion out of my system. Thanks to the duders.

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Great bombcast, it always makes you appreciate how much work and care was taken by Ryan when doing the bombcast each and every day. I thought the crew said it best that Ryan did a lot of other behind the scene things besides just write, but when he did it was pretty great. The crew was a pretty oiled machine and Ryan was part of that, his presence will not be easily replaced.

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Vinny's "thank you, Ryan"

Oh man. Destroyed me.

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Beautiful Podcast, which almost had me crying during the last 5 Minutes (but I'm a tough guy, so I didn't...). It also made me realize, that I haven't had a chance to thank Ryan for all his hard work put in entertaining me and others. Just to be sure it won't happen again:

Thanks to everyone at giantbomb for the amazing work!

And because talk is cheap (as are yearly subscriptions) I just got me a premium membership.