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 So we used to have a pretty large quote thread, but I can't find it anymore, so I just made a new thread...
"What about fucking foodfight? foodfight is gangster as fuck you have fuckin' chefs falling into holes and the watermelons are fuckin' infinite"-Jeff on his most anticipated game room release.

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Muh Balls. 
...Look, somebody had to do it.

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Large thread right here
"...cunt." - Vinny Caravella

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Ahem. For all those folks who go way back:
"Fly that flag."

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"A new bombcast quote thread? why would you do that?"    

Found this bombcast with the randomiser and howled with laughter.   
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Ryan singing "Its a doggy dog world!" in booming baritone. 
Oh and..... 
Pow Block? Anyone....... ?

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The whole hamster ball thing on this year second day of GDC is still the best for me with yakuza 3 being a close second.
EDIT: videos!

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Wow, I just discovered this, and Vinny chose the wrong answer. We have dinosaurs up here, and oxygen. So it's awesome.
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"Jeff Gerstmann, I want to shoot you so bad my dick is hard!" -Vinny  

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  Really recent bombcast, containing some of Grandma's finest Cookies.

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Grandma' cookies is hard to beat, damn Vinny kills me.  But this had me coughing soup through my nose.


*Ryan tries to bribe Vinny off DA2 for $100*


Vinny: 'Can I look at the wiki?'  Ryan:'NO!'  Vinny: 'No? I think I have the best sword in the game'

The whole Vinny unable to stop playing DA2 convo this week was hysterical.