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Try it and see. We reserve the right to lock the thread again if we feel that it gets out of hand.

I've heard a lot of comments about our moderation lately, most notably about thread locking. I always recommend anyone who wishes to discuss moderation policies to PM either myself or the mods. But, as people seem concerned about this, I figured I'd say something short here.

Locking threads from new comments allows us to do a few things. Firstly, it obviously allows us to prevent discussion of a topic if we feel like the conversation has become disruptive or toxic until we decide that we wish to open that discussion back up. Secondly, it allows the moderation staff to catch up on warnings and bannings without having to worry about a thread, let alone multiple threads, that are adding 30 new comments an hour. There are a lot of people in the community and relatively few moderators to deal with the flood of comments that a hot topic tends to generate. Lastly, and personally, there are occasionally threads that I feel benefit from the constant presence of a staff member, not just to delete and moderate comments, but also to ensure that our community knows that we're paying attention to those topics personally. Most often that role will fall to me, and as such, if I am going to be away from a computer for an extended period of time, sometimes I'll lock a thread until I can get back to it and give it my full attention.

As moderators we have a very unpopular job, and we generally have to decide where to fall on the axis between whether our particular dystopia is going to be a Mad Max-style, anything-goes postapocalypse or a Gattaca-style paranoiaville. We're still trying to figure out where our balance there will be struck and appreciate your patience with us while we work on those issues. Please feel free to PM me if you have any concerns, with the caveat that I can not always guarantee a timely response. Thanks.